Feeling punchy?

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Novade Lite Blog

Anyone who has managed quality on a building project knows how crucial it is to get punch lists done right. Punch Lists, Snags or Defect Lists are essential to make sure that quality projects are delivered and that the site is ready for handover.

In the not so distant past (and for many, the very real present), punch lists were managed manually by using paper forms and distributing rectification work to subs via the classic pigeon hole system on site.

Follow-up and tracking of work done was extremely difficult. If punch lists and evidence of work done were lost, it could lead to potential legal issues.

The next best solution was using digital photos and Excel or Word documents to track and distribute work. This involved downloading photos to computers, creating Word or Excel reports, distributing them via email or chat apps like WhatsApp. While everything was digital, ensuring that you could find what you are looking for or following up was a nightmare with digital detritus everywhere. You could end up feeling like Rocky Balboa after that first fight with Apollo Creed. Punch drunk.

Novade was started to find solutions to these problems. In fact, the punching, snagging, defect management process was the first one that we digitised.

With Novade Lite, we are trying to make punching even simpler.

  • With the photos first approach. Walk around site, take photos of items that need rectification and then create Tasks from these photos on the spot or at your leisure when you are back in the office.
  • Assign them to the appropriate people on the team, they will be notified and follow-up on the task.
  • You can communicate on specific tasks via comments, tag other team members in comments and have conversations that are focused around specific tasks. No hunting for WhatsApp threads anymore.
  • Sharing with people outside the team is as easy as multi-selecting tasks and exporting to PDF on the web or on your mobile device.
Don’t get too punch-happy now! (that’s a made up word!)

If you need any assistance in getting started, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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“Capabilities like being able to upload documents and floor plans, as well as relevant forms and timelines helps teams stay on track and on budget.”
GY Chua

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