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Easily comply with the latest Part L regulations

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Configurable templates to carry out construction and inspection.
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Record, mark-up, and easily share timestamped and geo-located photos as evidence of conforming to Part L standards.
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Progress by site and area with real time dashboards and notify the quality assurance team to check quality before gaining approvals from SAP assessors.
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By tracking energy efficiency and insulation of new and existing buildings during construction and provide documentary and photographic evidence to attain built BREL report.

Configurable templates in the palm of your hand

Easily enable all stakeholders to stay on top of Part L regulations

  • Configure templates according to your construction company’s requirements and meet changing Part L regulations
  • Manage quality assurance (QA) process easily​
  • Maintain traceability and accountability throughout project lifecycle
asset maintenance management software manage requests and jobs

Photos to improve compliance in the field

  • Capture, record, mark-up photos: add callouts to your images to highlight areas needing special attention from mobile devices
  • Log and share geo-located photos tagged with precise location coordinates, date and time throughout the house-built stage
  • Improve traceability by accessing photos from one central platform both online and offline

Manage EPC and BREL reports in minutes

  • Act on and rectify issues based on feedback from SAP assessors before build completion
  • Obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and achieve the as built Buildings Regulations England Part L (BREL) report to show that the building complies to required standards​
  • Save time and costs by avoiding rework and retrofitting

Drive productivity with dashboards

  • Make reporting easy with dynamic dashboards and powerful data visualisations
  • Filter projects by region, site, and section
  • Monitor approval status from the SAP assessor before attaining final BREL report
  • Leverage data to increase efficiency, improve traceability, and reduce carbon emissions

Stay Part L compliant with Novade


Easy to use

Be up and running in minutes and capture photos of installations and insulation from anywhere, any device – both with and without internet connection

Single source of truth

All photographic evidence, documentation, reports, and certifications stored in one place to allow easy access, one communication channel and greater traceability

Boost building performance & energy efficiency

Reduce carbon emissions for new and refurbished buildings with a streamlined Part L compliance process

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