No safety net

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Novade Lite Blog

men sitting on crane high rise_lunch atop a crane

These guys were clearly not following the best practices in Safety. Granted that this particular photo was a staged publicity event for the promotion of the RCA skyscraper in New York City. Also, this was 1932. Things have changed a fair bit from those times for construction workers. They would definitely need a Work at Height permit and proper safety protective gear for this stunt.

On a serious note though, construction sites remain one of the most dangerous workplaces among any industry and in 2022 alone, the rate of deaths the UK was 1.63 per 100,000 workers double that of manufacturing or transportation [ref: Construction News].

The story isn’t much different in other parts of the world.

So, how can we help make the construction industry better at keeping workers safe? While rigorous processes and compliance with regulations is important, it is also important to make sure that any digital tools are easy to implement, deploy and use in the field. The biggest hurdle to getting started on digitisation is complex, expensive systems that no one adopts.

With Novade Lite, our goal is to make it extremely simple to digitise safety processes on site.

If you need complex processes digitised, the intuitive and flexible Forms functionality gives you the ability to customise workflows and allow only designated users to move these forms through specific stages of any safety process. It can be used to build:

And more…

The Tasks functionality with the ability to assign and plan specific tasks can be used for:

    • Safety Observations 
    • Rectification Actions

We also have a template library of forms that can be accessed to help you get started.

For HSE Managers, dashboards give you real time status on various forms and tasks on your project so you can be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to Safety.

The only app you need to manage HSE compliance on your jobsites