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How does Novade innovate?
Denis Branthonne: Innovation is driven from the ground up. It invariably starts with issues observed in the field, and our job is to develop new technologies or functionalities that can solve these issues.
For instance, when the pandemic started, we quickly considered its impacts on construction sites and developed COVID-19 Safe Site, a set of digital solutions to manage site operations, conduct health checks, and enforce social distancing rapidly and safely. The platform also enables digital contactless site processes such as toolbox meetings, inspections and provides remote visibility for businesses.

I believe we are going to experience the acceleration of technology adoption in the construction industry in the coming decade. We innovate by constantly enhancing our construction management platform. In addition, we have a dedicated team working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and integrating Novade’s software with other technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and Bluetooth wearables.

Your final thoughts?
Denis Branthonne: 200 million people work on construction sites every day, and the pandemic has highlighted the importance of their role. We believe that technology can help them do their job faster, smarter, and safer. But there is only one way it will succeed: from the ground up.

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