Pensees and Novade Connect Integration

Welcome to seamless and contactless check-in and check-out process. Seamlessly integrate your workforce and attendance data.

Automate your site entry with thermal scanners and facial recognition to control authorised access and egress.

Field Management Software

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User Profile Data

Attendance and
Temperature Records

Construction Management
Document Software


  • Sends user profiles data from Novade to Pensees platform
  • Brings attendance and temperature records from Pensees onto Novade platform
  • Automated temperature monitoring and recording including alerts for temperature thresholds


  • No more silos – easily transfer data between Pensees and your Novade platform
  • Accurate facial recognition – even with a mask with a high success rate
  • One source of truth – teams on or off the field can control attendance records including temperature records on your Novade platform
  • Control access and egress of authorised personnel with automated site entry
  • Fast and easy to set up the integration

Integration requirements

  • Novade Connect Subscription
  • Pensees Thermal Scanner
  • Pensees serial numbers to map to respective projects in Novade
  • For each user: username, project, gender, and photo for biometric recognition

Partner information

Pensees Systems is an AI company specialising in computer vision and IoT technologies and provides integrated industrial application solutions. Taking deep learning-based computer vision technology as a breakthrough point, Pensees has established deep roots in security and other vertical industries.

Pensees is committed to providing outstanding AI+IoT full-industry chain technologies and software and hardware solutions in the fields of safe city, intelligent residential community, smart parks and others, as it pushes forward the industrialisation of AI.​

More information

Click here for technical details on how to integrate Pensees with your Novade platform.

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