Novade Digital Works Supervision System​ (DWSS)

The no.1 DWSS solution in Hong Kong for RISC, Site Diary, Site Safety, Cleansing Inspection, Labour Return Record and Contract Management.
Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS)

How does Novade DWSS work for the construction industry?​​

Collect Site Information​

Enhance the workflow of site quality and safety activities using mobile devices​

Sync Automatically​

All users & devices are connected on one easy-to-use platform​

Send Timely Reports​

Accurate, reliable and ​real-time analytics​

Comply with the Hong Kong Government’s Construction 2.0 initiative.​

Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) HK must be deployed based on the following:


Comply with the contract requirements under the Capital Works Programme


Pre-tender estimates exceeding HK$30 million


Tendered on or after 1 April 2023

Pre-approved by​ Construction Innovation & Technology Fund (CITF)​

Novade DWSS features ​

Novade offers the 6 mandatory features for the digitalisation of forms and records on one centralised database system.

Risc form


Request for Inspection/Survey Check​

  • Increase accountability with approval workflows and tracking of corrective actions​
  • Configure workflow that fits different site and approval processes
  • Auto-numbering form that follows DWSS form name standard
  • Stage history change record for auditing purpose
  • Digitally sign forms and automatically archive them for easy retrieval
  • Enables PDF/Excel export for each RISC DWSS standardised form

Site Diary

  • Capture field data in real time
  • Generate site diaries automatically
  • Enable all stakeholders to stay on top of a project’s progress
  • Consolidate reports across various departments to ensure data integrity and efficient site supervision
  • Submit your reports through configurable workflows with customisable modification rights at each step

Site Safety Inspection Records​

  • Conduct digital site safety inspections and assign corrective actions on the spot
  • Lodge non-conformities during safety inspections
  • Follow-up with corrective or preventive actions
  • Generate safety reports automatically
  • Analyse safety observation: assess frequency, most common sources, and correlations

Cleansing Inspection Checklists​

  • Configurable checklist item
  • Configure workflow that fits different site and approval processes
  • Stage history change record for auditing purpose
  • Digitally sign forms from your mobile device
  • Enables PDF/Excel export for each cleansing form type

Labour Return Records​

  • Easily generate monthly reports for Site Labour Deployment (Form GF 527)
  • Retrieve site diary reports and view monthly workforce summary through a web dashboard
  • Manage your teams with greater transparency
  • Increase efficiency of work supervision
  • Configurable charts to analyse records on web dashboard quickly

Security Requirements​

Novade DWSS fully adheres to the requirements in the Development Technical Bureau Guidance

Electronic Authentication: 2FA

System​ Backup

Multiple Devices: Mobile/Tablet​

Secure Hosting:

TIA-942 certified Tier 3 data centre & ISO/IEC 20000

Secure Cloud-based System

Secure APIs​

Logging & Monitoring ​


256-bit SSL TLS1.2+

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