Novade Digital Works Supervision System​ (DWSS)

The no.1 DWSS solution in Hong Kong for RISC, Site Diary, Site Safety, Cleansing Inspection, Labour Return Record and Contract Management.

How does Novade DWSS work for the construction industry?​​

Collect Site Information​

Enhance the workflow of site quality and safety activities using mobile devices​

Sync Automatically​

All users & devices are connected on one easy-to-use platform​

Send Timely Reports​

Accurate, reliable and ​real-time analytics​

Comply with the Hong Kong Government’s Construction 2.0 initiative.​

Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) HK must be deployed based on the following:


Comply with the contract requirements under the Capital Works Programme


Pre-tender estimates exceeding HK$30 million


Tendered on or after 1 April 2023

Pre-approved by​ Construction Innovation & Technology Fund (CITF)​

Novade DWSS features ​

Novade offers the 6 mandatory features for the digitalisation of forms and records on one centralised database system.


Request for Inspection/Survey Check​

  • Increase accountability with approval workflows and tracking of corrective actions​
  • Configure workflow that fits different site and approval processes
  • Auto-numbering form that follows DWSS form name standard
  • Stage history change record for auditing purpose
  • Digitally sign forms and automatically archive them for easy retrieval
  • Enables PDF/Excel export for each RISC DWSS standardised form

Site Diary

  • Capture field data in real time
  • Generate site diaries automatically
  • Enable all stakeholders to stay on top of a project’s progress
  • Consolidate reports across various departments to ensure data integrity and efficient site supervision
  • Submit your reports through configurable workflows with customisable modification rights at each step

Site Safety Inspection Records​

  • Conduct digital site safety inspections and assign corrective actions on the spot
  • Lodge non-conformities during safety inspections
  • Follow-up with corrective or preventive actions
  • Generate safety reports automatically
  • Analyse safety observation: assess frequency, most common sources, and correlations

Cleansing Inspection Checklists​

  • Configurable checklist item
  • Configure workflow that fits different site and approval processes
  • Stage history change record for auditing purpose
  • Digitally sign forms from your mobile device
  • Enables PDF/Excel export for each cleansing form type

Labour Return Records​

  • Easily generate monthly reports for Site Labour Deployment (Form GF 527)
  • Retrieve site diary reports and view monthly workforce summary through a web dashboard
  • Manage your teams with greater transparency
  • Increase efficiency of work supervision
  • Configurable charts to analyse records on web dashboard quickly

Security Requirements​

Novade DWSS fully adheres to the requirements in the Development Technical Bureau Guidance

Electronic Authentication: 2FA

System​ Backup

Multiple Devices: Mobile/Tablet​

Secure Hosting:

TIA-942 certified Tier 3 data centre & ISO/IEC 20000

Secure Cloud-based System

Secure APIs​

Logging & Monitoring ​


256-bit SSL TLS1.2+

Local experience, local support​

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