Novade Product Update for August, 2019



  • The latest version of the Novade iOS app is 5.8.36 and is now available on the App Store / iTunes.
  • We have redesigned the NCR function in Safety to be more focused on the Actions that need to be performed to rectify Safety issues on-site. NCRs are now called NCs and Actions that are created can be elevated to NCs if needed.
  • We have also introduced a new powerful conditional workflow capability for Safety Forms. This new features allows the use of conditions to redirect forms instead of being restricted to a linear workflow.

Novade Quality

  • Added the ability to add comments to a unit.
  • Mobile – Added the ability to edit the defect type on the last screen of the lodge defect wizard.

Novade Safety

  • Fixed issues where:
    • Web – Fixed an issue where checkboxes were not showing in PDF exports.
  • PTWs –
    • Added ability to set up PTW templates with validity of more than one day.
    • Mobile – Added ability to sort PTWs by date/type in My Actions.
  • All PDF exports have been redesigned and standardised.
  • Weekly PTWs –
    • Added a pop-up to confirm that users want to mark a PTW as complete. This will prevent the inadvertent completion of permits.
  • Users with Confirm rights can now edit the target rectification date for WIP NCRs.
  • NCRs –
    • The focus is now shifted to Actions to fix Safety issues and the UI and terminology has been updated to reflect this change.
  • Safety Forms –
    • Ability to use conditional workflows to redirect forms to different users depending on conditions in the form.
    • Web –
      • Repositioned the Duplicate Forms button to be more visible.
      • Added the + button within each form template type to be able to create new forms of that type directly instead of always going back out to the main page.

Novade Maintenance

  • Added ability to add comments to an asset.
  • Mobile –
    • Fixed an issue where the asset view was not consistent.
    • Instead of showing Completed when a form has been filled, the status of the form according to workflow is displayed.
  • Web –
    • Improved view when the calendar is filtered by project to show the units linked to a job.

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issues where:
    • Users were not receiving notifications nor showing actions in My Actions.
  • The name of the user who starts/completes a task is now displayed.


  • Added the ability to export forms attached to a profile to PDF.
  • Web (Admin)
    • Added the ability to import start date of unit ownership.
    • Users who are designated Power Users are automatically given access to Project Center.
    • Users can only be made Power Users of modules they have been given access to.
  • Web –
    • Added the ‘Has Account’ marker to Excel exports.