Novade Product Update for July, 2019



  • The latest version of the Novade iOS app is 5.8.35 and is now available on the App Store / iTunes.
  • The Novade mobile app UI has been refreshed with new icons with a view to unify the experience across different modules. We are also very excited to announce the ability to configure custom table views per template. This feature is available in Safety for now. The new feature addresses the need to view data from within a template in the table views and eliminates the need for custom dashboards for different table views.

Novade Quality

  • Fixed issues where:
    • Dates in French were not understandable because the months were only showing the first 3 letters. The date format has been changed to numbers instead.
    • Duplicated forms were not showing in filtered views.
    • The original file was being marked up if it was being marked up from a file.
  • Added:
    • The ability for sub-con users to see more information about defects and units so that they can be more effective in fixing defects:
      • Name of person lodging defect except if the user is a homeowner
      • Unit address if it has been input
      • Unit manager name
    • The ability for select users on HDB projects to receive emails with excel reports.
    • Support to upload .png files as drawings and mark them up.
    • A check to ensure that only numbers or a + sign are added in phone fields when requesting for joint inspections.
  • Refreshed UI with new icons.
  • When assigning a defect to a person, company or team the list displayed is restricted only to those who have the appropriate rights to rectify the defect.
  • Users with confirmation rights will now be able to view and edit the target completion date.
  • Web –
    • Added the case number to the filename if a single defect is exported
    • Added the ability to export defects with the floorplans if they have been pinned for assignees
    • There has been a change in how multiple PDFs can be downloaded. For any multiple PDF download, the user will now have to enter a working email address to which a link to download the PDF will be sent.
  • Mobile – Homeowners will no longer see a link to Novade Zendesk FAQs from the Contact Us button. This was causing too many homeowners to contact Novade about the rectification of their defects.

Novade Safety

  • Fixed issues where:
    • (Web) – the number of forms for subcontractors was not accurate.
    • (Web) –  NCR filters not working.
    • The “Create NCR” button was showing even in Closed Observations.
  • Added the ability to add groups to PTWs and Meetings.
  • Added a project option to display form photos as a list instead of thumbnails to prevent potential performance issues.
  • Web – Added the ability to display fields from within a form in custom table views.
  • Added the ability to associate asset groups with PTW templates so that only the relevant equipment show up for selection.
  • Refreshed UI with new icons.

Novade Maintenance

  • Added ability to archive Repair jobs
  • Added ability to see unit custom fields
  • Refreshed UI with new icons
  • UI improvement to show the recurring type and frequency when viewing a recurring event
  • Web –
    • Improved filter on the calendar view
    • Added ability to export Requests to Excel

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issues where:
    • (Mobile) Users with form roles were not able to see relevant forms.
    • Activities were not being displayed in chronological order.
    • The import of milestones using an activity template.
    • Fixed a JavaScript error when users were opening a task with a form attached.
  • Added the ability for assignees, teams or companies in charge of a task to receive a notification if the task is reopened.
  • Refreshed UI with new icons
  • Mobile –
    • Added the ability to create a new activity
    • Added a view by Category for standard users
  • Web – Added ability to mass delete tasks and activities


  • Fixed issues where:
    • The app was crashing while transfer workers from one team to another
    • Mobile – Fixed an issue with assigning projects to people
  • Refreshed UI with new icons
  • Added the ability to geolocate people
  • Web (Admin)
    • Added the ability to configure a welcome email that is to be sent when a new account is created
    • Improved the creating account from people function to include the option to give access to modules.