Novade Product Update for June, 2019



  • The latest version of the Novade iOS app is 5.8.34 and is now available on the App Store / iTunes.
  • We have some exciting news on the web UI. We are now able to resize columns and sort information by column in the table views. Although seemingly minor, this is a long requested for feature and is now available.

Novade Quality

  • Fixed issues where:
    • Users could not edit tags for closed cases.
    • A user with access to forms, but not defects, was still able to create a defect via the floor plan.
    • Closed cases were being reverted back to WIP because they were still showing as Pending Start on some users’ browsers.
    • Fixed an issue with the import of Global Master List.
  • Added:
    • The ability to resize columns in the table views
    • The ability to make a user account read-only i.e. they have no action rights
    • The Create Form right to restrict users from being able to create forms
    • An additional filter for Unit Manager in the Unit table view
    • UI items to make the tracking of unassigned defects easier
  • Modified:
    • PDF export of the Unit to have the summary page in landscape mode to accommodate longer strings of data
    • logic for duplicating rejected forms; the duplicated rejected form will be duplicated and reverted back one stage in the workflow instead of going all the way back to draft
  • Admin – improved the UI when deleting all units and types to prevent accidental deletion
  • Web –
    • Added a drop-down on the calendar view to view Interventions
    • Added ability to sort units in the Tracking dashboard
    • Added a dashboard item to show the number of units with overdue defects
  • Mobile – Added forms to the sub-contractor My Actions view

Novade Safety

  • Fixes:
      • Web –
        • Fixed an issue where the Closed PTWs only included the Daily PTWs
        • Fixed an issue where the Sorting by Date Submitted on the PTW – By Status table view was incorrect
      • Fixed an issue where if no signature was added, a blank square showed instead of just an empty field
      • Mobile – Fixed an issue on iOS where an empty date and time field was showing as Someday in the PDF export instead of empty
      • Fixed an issue where punch items were not creating NCRs
    • Added the ability to add groups to PTWs and Meetings
    • Mobile –
      • Added ability for a signature to be stored for auto-signature (if enabled in the template) within 30 minutes of signing any form
    • Web –
      • Added a restriction to prevent users from proceeding in a form workflow if no previous signature is found
    • Meetings – Added search function to be able to search meetings text

Novade Maintenance

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue where jobs were not showing after scanning the QR code of an asset
    • Fixed an issue where an exported PDF of a maintenance job was showing an incorrect date
  • Added ability to cancel one instance of a recurring scheduled job and allow the rest of the schedule to proceed
  • Added feature to transfer photos from a form to a repair request if requests are made via a form
  • Web –
    • Added a consolidated excel export for utility readings

Novade Activity

  • New user rights for Client Admin and Power Users deployed in Activity
  • Modified behavior of ad-hoc tasks: tasks were previously automatically started as soon as they were created. Now, tasks are created and can be started when needed.
  • Added the ability to store common files and mark them up
  • Mobile –
    • Improved UI for displaying photos and comments in tasks, instead of being displayed in the info tab, they are now visible in the task pane itself
  • Web –
    • Increased the number of filters available on the Forms table view
    • Improved Map dashboard


  • Web –
    • Improved UI to display full text of combo boxes via an on-hover pop-up