• Fixes
  • iOS 5.8.22 is in the App store


Novade Quality

  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where if a unit has no plan and the plan tab is the default first screen in the unit, nothing displays
  • Forms can be configured to attach the unit floor plan automatically to the form.
  • Added Project level counter for projects that do not use Cases
  • When setting up zones, the plural form of the zone names can be specified
  • Mobile –
    • Subcontractors can now receive notifications when they are cc’ed on defects
    • Homeowners can now take up to five photos for one defect instead of just being restricted to two
    • Homeowners can pin defects on the plan
    • Subcon interface will display tabs in the app as defined at the project level
    • Case list can be filtered by Common Area or Units
    • Ability to notify homeowners when a new survey is available.
    • Subcontractors can now lodge defects if given the rights
  • Web –
    • Ability to resize a photo when viewing it
    • By Type dashboard improved to show numbers and percentage next to the row label


Novade Safety

  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where the iOS app crashed when clicking on Safety Form By Type dashboard if there were no Safety Forms in the project
  • NCRs now have fields for Root Cause, Corrective and Preventive actions
  • Ability to create an NCR from an Observation
  • Mobile – Create NCR wizard has been modified to be more user friendly
  • Web – Added dashboards for NCRs By Status and By Zone


Novade Maintenance

  • Mobile –
    • Improved UI when viewing Repairs related to a Request. Instead of a separate tab, it shows in the body of the request.
    • Ability to geo-locate forms
    • Ability to start a repair job from a Maintenance job
    • Dashboards are now available in the mobile
  • Web –
    • Moved action buttons form toolbar to the body of the page
    • Improved UI for Certificates
    • History of changes made to Maintenance and Repair jobs is stored



  • Ability to have multiple people in the database with the same name
  • Ability to mass import photos of workers
  • Mobile –
    • Ability to add a photo from the phone camera for a profile picture
    •  Ability to search for a user using multiple methods including scan code
    • Implemented checks to ensure that badge numbers are unique