Novade Product Update for September 2020


Photo location mapping

Users can now easily display the exact geo-location of a photo taken on a map. This feature enables teams to quickly access and locate areas that require special attention. Available across all Novade modules, this feature is especially beneficial for infrastructure projects and projects with multiple site locations.

Novade Quality

  • Additions:
    • A counter on the server to ensure that forms have sequential running numbers and to prevent duplicate numbering.
    • A mandatory photo for specific defect descriptions required.
    • Selectively display comments to homeowners.
  • Improved filters on all Case and Defect pages with clear indicators on mobile on which filters have been applied. 
  • Web – Added a check to ensure that a date range is entered when exporting forms to Excel.
  • Fixes: 
    • My Actions on web was not displaying the objects to be worked on. Also fixed a number mismatch on the web and mobile. 
    • Child templates were not visible unless the parent template had a form created. 
    • An error when clicking back from the Mandatory Photo page on iOS.
    • Punch items being reset to empty. 
    • The mandatory photo function for defects could be bypassed on iOS devices.
    • Chinese translation for Before and After Rectification.
    • A JavaScript error while trying to create a child form whose parent form was archived.
    • The defects import function could only import New and WIP defects.
    • Not being able to export a form to PDF. 
    • Clicking on the Forms by Type dashboard.
    • Submitting forms on the web.
    • The Defects Without Photo tab was not working. 
    • The Create Form Wizard was not working when there was only one Form template to select from.
    • Forms created from Unit view were not linked to a project.

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Web improvements:
    • The By Issue dashboard for Actions displays Sub-types as well when Issue types is clicked.
    • The UI to ensure that when a project is only using Meetings or Inspections, users do not see a blank landing screen. 
  • Mobile  Improved UI to clarify which filters are applied. 
  • Fixes: 
    • When a user opens a template pinned in the left pane. 
    • Some users were unable to mass delete forms. 
    • Downloading PDFs.
    • Incorrect qualifications displaying in PTWs.
    • In Observations, in which when a CC was added, the Add Picture and Add Comment buttons disappeared. Also fixed an issue with removing the CC. 
    • The last photo in an Action PDF export was being trimmed. 
    • On the Web, where a comment could not be added to an Action.
    • The Before and After photos in an Action PDF export were not displaying correctly.
    • The Incidents Man Days Lost dashboard displaying inaccurate numbers.
    • Creating forms error.

Novade Reports

  • Additions: 
    • Searching for workers names when adding their cards to a report. 
    • 3 level Activity master list. 
    • Loading weather data from iOS and Web versions.
    • Possibility to sign via selfies. 
  • Fixes:
    • Data loss issue when an asset was transferred to another group. 

Novade Maintenance

  • Power Users can now edit custom field values even after a job is approved. 
  • Added the ability to turn on or off functions such as Jobs and Inspections. This ensures that customers who do not use all functions have a cleaner interface.
  • Web – Added the Scheduled Date to the Excel Export for Jobs.
  • Optimised views for a faster performance 
  • Fixes:
    • The API where information related to Inspections with Forms and Repairs could not be retrieved. 
    • The iOS calendar view redirecting back to the project page. 
    • Only the first page of Assets showing on the Web. 
    • An incorrect display of dates when viewing in Japanese 

Novade Activity

  • Improved the archival process to ensure that milestone related dashboards are not affected.
  • Fixes:
    • A JavaScript error when viewing tasks where a milestone has been removed. 
    • Missing action buttons in an Activity form.

Novade People

  • Additions:
    • A new temperature dashboard that displays all temperatures recorded over the past two days.
    • A setting to ensure that subcon users can only see information about staff from their company.
  • Fixes: 
    • Mass removing teams when using an Excel import. 

Project Center

  • Fixes:
    • Display of workflow participants on Web in the Template configuration.
    • No response when clicking on Company Settings under My Account.
    • Navigation arrows on Issue Master List view not working.
    • Projects could not be deleted. 

Novade Insights

  • Quality:
    • Revamped Project Benchmark, Company Benchmark and Case Analysis dashboards. 
    • Able to analyse Re-opened Defects.
  • Fixes:
    • Safety  Total adoption is correctly calculated now under Company Adoption table in the Adoption dashboard.