Novade Platform

    • Added Admin Audit Logs for the following deleted Closed Objects: Defects, Quality Forms, Actions, Observations, Safety Forms
    • Restricted the ability to delete a drawing that is uploaded to a template, if there are existing forms created from that template
    • Fixed issue:
      • The form closed counts only included the last state with the highest rank

Novade Quality

    • Fixed issues:
      • “People” profile for client type account could not be added when importing an Excel file
      • A subcon user defined in the cc workflow of a RFI template was unable to view the RFI
      • The search bar was not working for subcons in the landing page
      • The total forms count included subforms count in the left pane
      • Some form counts including subforms on the web
      • The display of the staff’s username in the key handover calendar

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the `Copy link` feature for PTW on Web and Mobile
  • Restricted the ability to add and remove Risk Levels setup, if there are Actions already created
  • Fixed issues:
    • An incorrect message displayed when restoring a form from the template archive tab
    • An issue where observations were deleted without their linked files
    • Some weekly permits to work needing a signature not displayed in ‘My Tasks’
    • The expired PTWs page that was showing an error when some weekly PTWs were displayed
    • Archive counts for closed forms being displayed in the wrong workflow step

Novade Site Diary

  • Allowed the configuration of dashboards to be saved locally on users’ devices, so that they can have the same view each time they revisit the page, as long as they are logged in
  • Fixed issue:
    • The creation of forms from Site Diary activities

Novade People

  • Fixed issues:
    • The client’s app rights was not updated through an Excel import
    • A subcon was added as a project owner when updating projects via import

Project Center

  • Web – Added the ability to update the template field editable states via an Excel import
  • Added an alert message to inform users that there are no units available to link to the form that they intend to create
  • Fixed issues:
    • Templates were imported via an Excel to set mandatory fields
    • Custom Excel export that could not be downloaded after being uploaded


  • Added an alert message to inform users who are trying to delete an Asset Status that is currently in use