Novade Platform

    • Added the ability to be redirected to the next missing mandatory field in a form
    • Fixed issues:
      • Users were not able to view the attached files
      • Subforms with unarchived/not closed parent forms are not accessible on the UI

Novade Quality

    • Added the ability to manually archive Requests for Inspections
    • Fixed issues:
      • The homeowner guide was still redirected to the old video
      • RFI and inspection were showing “to be defined” as next step for users on mobile

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Fixed issues:
    • A user receives the reminder notification in different states
    • The error message appearing in the filter popup for Actions
    • The number of meetings types in the left pane was not matching the actual number of meetings types of the project
    • Changed the behaviour where incident forms with no workflow will not have an action button
    • Incorrect numbers being displayed in the My Tasks page on web and mobile
    • The custom HDB Excel format option not available in the export options

Novade Maintenance

  • Added the ability for users to scan barcodes to easily reach the corresponding asset/equipment page
  • Fixed issue:
    • The wrong display name shown on the inspection page

Novade People

  • Added a column ‘Team’ to export Staff Qualifications
  • Added the ability to assign a user to all current and future projects under the Projects field in account edit page
  • Fixed issues:
    • The button not being responsive when creating a subcon user
    • Users not being able to change the case of their username
    • Power Users not being able to import the companies button
    • Updating a project for a user not having an account via Excel import
    • “Client import” not being able to create client user type accounts

Project Center

  • Fixed issues:
    • Some workflows are displaying “2” in the “Digital Signature Required” field after enabling signature storage


  • Added the ability to scan or manually enter external barcode/QR code values under the “External Barcode/QR code” field for assets
  • Added the ability for users to scan barcodes in Assets to easily reach the corresponding asset/equipment page