Novade Lite

The only site diary app you need to track progress and automate reports

Free for up to 5 users and 5 projects

Construction checklist app free for iOS
Construction checklist app free for Android

Free for up to 5 users and 5 projects

Construction checklist app free for iOS
Construction checklist app free for Android
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Say goodbye to…

  • Time-consuming manual site diaries
  • Mountains of paper reports, progress spreadsheets and manual daily logs​
  • Siloed communications, multiple platforms, emails, text and chat groups​
  • Searching for documentary evidence in multiple places​
Site diary app - Say goodbye to communication breakdown
Construction site diary app

Say hello to digital site reports

  • Easily create and manage site diaries – One place for all your photos, logs and daily reports to make recording, reporting and retrieving a breeze
  • Easily generate and share project reports for clients – Stay compliant with your contract, facilitate payment process
  • Easily record documentary evidence, of work done – Avoid the headache of litigation, disputes and retention fees

Capture photos and automatically share ​PDF site reports

Be up and running in less than five minutes!​

  • Your photos are timestamped and pushed straight to the project gallery​ in real time
  • Easily add and track comments on the photos in your site diary entry – reduce endless WhatsApp chats
  • Visualise photo records to monitor progress remotely
  • Or export photos in PDF format to communicate with clients
Novade site diary app

“Earlier reports from the field would take as much as 2-3 days, sometimes a week to come in. With Novade Lite, I get my reports daily and I can even check progress from my mobile phone on the way to the office before my day starts.”

– William Soehaili, Director of Operations, Primasta

Construction checklist app free for iOS
Construction checklist app free for Android

Managing site diaries is a breeze​

Record who did what, where, and when​


Convert your paper forms – build your own site diaries or select from our template library.


Create paperless site diaries. Capture data easily from the field from any mobile device.


Submit, distribute, and export reports and site diaries in seconds. Generate reports automatically.​


Record all site diaries digitally and retrieve information in seconds.​
Site diary form builder on Novade Lite

Get started with our pre-defined site diary templates

  • Download the template from our library with one click
  • Record weather conditions, location of work and the personnel present
  • Markup progress areas and add rich data to your activity – photos, questions, comments or drawings
  • Submit reports through configurable workflows. Generate and share site diaries in PDF, Excel or csv

Or create your own custom site diaries​

  • Modify an existing template or start from scratch
  • Add any field like resource type, number of resources, equipment, material consumption, hours of work etc.
  • Manage approval process via the flexible workflow feature of form templates
  • Generate and share custom site diaries in PDF, Excel or csv
Custom site diary app

Immediate business benefits​


Save Time, Reduce Costs

Save time on site by automating reporting. Reduce travel cost with remote supervision​

Enhance Relationships

Share project progress with clients and other stakeholders to build stronger engagement​

Reduce Contractual Risks

Keep site records and evidence of work done. Leverage this data in case of dispute or litigation​

Connecting everyone on and off the field​​​

Business Owners

“I don’t lose sleep anymore over where all our projects are up to. With this construction site diary app, I can dive in at any time no matter where I am and see all my projects status and site progress in one snapshot. I can easily see the data captured in the field in real time all in one place.”

Project Managers

“I am able to share with management a daily construction site report at the end of every day – it’s set up with all the information they need. I don’t need to make phone calls late at night or send an email to provide day-to-day updates. With these construction reports, I’m also able to look at our resourcing and bring on more people, such as site managers, based on how our project is tracking.”

green icon construction worker


“With the site diary features, I’m able to take photos, mark up with comments or questions, and create a site journal. This includes all the site activity of the construction project. The Project Manager often responds on the site diary app and solves the problem even before he gets to site each day. Having everything in a single diary module saves so much time.”

The only app you need to automate site diaries and reports

For small and medium projects across multiple worksites

Free for up to 5 users and 5 projects

The only app you need to manage your jobsite