Webinar: Technology and Its Impact on the Real Estate Industry in India

On-demand Webinar | 45 minutes | Free
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INDIA – Novade will be addressing how it helps real estate developers in India gain visibility and control on projects with digital technology.

During this webinar, we will share how the Novade mobile platform can help you:

  • Track project progress and gain insights on payment status in real-time
  • Monitor digital checklist and workflow
  • Drive conformance by enforcing your quality standards
  • Identify defects and manage rectification processes
  • Improve client engagement with a fully digitized handover process
  • Monitor adoption of new practices with comprehensive dashboards


  • Introduction: Are you ready for the change?
  • Novade, your partner in your digital transformation
  • Track your payment milestones, activities, and associated deadlines
  • Enforce your quality inspections and handover procedures
  • Monitor and drive adoption with powerful analytical tools

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