With the acceleration of digitalisation of construction sites, Novade’s digital construction platform enforces safety and environmental compliance. It also guarantees the traceability of these processes.

Employee health and safety has always been a priority for companies even before COVID-19. In recent years, accidents have been reduced greatly; thanks to the conscientious effort put in to prevent them.

After 10 years of of continuous decline in accidents on construction sites, the trend stopped in 2018. Instead, the numbers rebounded (+1.9% for work stoppages), according to the Organisme professionnel de prévention du bâtiment et des travaux publics (OPPBTP), a French professional agency for risk prevention in building and civil engineering (BCE).

Risk prevention must remain a steadfast commitment. With the COVID-19 pandemic, stricter measures on construction sites must be put in place for workers to protect themselves.

Digitalise to Better Control Risks

After the sudden shutdown of construction sites in March 2020, operations had to resume with increased productivity. All this without compromising the safety of field workers. The goal now is to reduce risks and enforce safety compliance while getting the teams engaged. The Novade Safety-HSE module can help to achieve that. Some of the critical work processes that can be digitalised include Permits to Work (PTWs), safety forms, near miss reports, toolbox meetings, and safety records for equipment and machinery.

Through the construction app, data is captured and communicated in real time. Sébastien Gonzales, site manager at Spie CityNetworks commented, “Since I’ve been able to help my field teams solve problems remotely, I do not go on sites as often anymore. Above all, it prevents me from losing paperwork, as data can be retrieved via the Novade construction app at any time.”

The real-time data makes it possible to monitor HSE objectives both on-site and at the company level This provides management with a bird’s-eye view of all safety activities on-site.


HSE System Reflects an Organisation’s Performance

Monitoring preventive and corrective actions is no longer time-consuming. Novade’s digital construction platform allows remote monitoring of compliance with new health and safety measures.

Novade’s user-friendly dashboard also allows easy tracking of tasks and deviations at a glance. Teams can be alerted as soon as a non-conformity is spotted. Reports can also be automatically generated and exported for audits or inspections.


Safety: Innovate to Prepare for the Future

Novade’s digital solution incorporates a data analytics tool that enables planning for future challenges. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), accidents can be prevented in advance. CEO Denis Branthonne identified three main objectives for Novade, “Continue to build a high-performing construction app that connects closely with the field, enhance data analytic capabilities and its uses, and strengthen integration with other information systems.”

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