Novade has taken a set of measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure business continuity. We are focused on safeguarding the health of our employees, our partners and our valued customers.


Business Continuity

  • We are committed to keeping your businesses and ours running smoothly.
  • We have put in place internal measures to ensure business continuity. The delivery of our software is unchanged and not impacted by the current situation.
  • While our face-to-face engagements have dramatically decreased, our support activities remain unchanged and you can engage with our service and sales teams with online video calls


Offices and Employees

  • We are following local government regulations and closing offices where required.
  • All business travel is restricted to business-critical only.
  • Globally, employees are encouraged to work from home. For employees working from home, we have proper tools and technologies in place to ensure productive work and access.
  • For employees working in one of our offices, we are adopting social-distancing practices, limiting meeting sizes and reducing the number of visitors.


Face-to-Face Meetings

For countries where face-to-face meetings are allowed, we ask our employees to adhere to the following precautions:

  • No person with a fever, cough, cold or who is feeling unwell should be allowed to participate in the meeting.
  • The meeting/training space should be large enough to maintain a 1-meter distance between participants.
  • At any point in time, should the Novade employee be concerned for their well-being, the meeting should be adjourned and an alternate session will be scheduled.


We thank you for accepting these guidelines as we work towards safeguarding the health of our employees, our partners and our valued customers.