• App Fixes
  • iOS 5.8.19 is now on the App store.

Novade Quality

  • Mobile – Unit Status can now be updated to None.
  • Web – Global dashboards have individually clickable items.
  • Web – Ability to filter units by status in unit list view.
  • Web – Power users can bulk import handover/notice dates.
  • Web – Ability to bulk import/update target completion dates.
  • Web – Added median response time per defect type to by type dashboard.
  • Web – Added ability for Power Users to search for archived forms in the Archived & Deleted Items area.
  • Added the ability to customize the DLP duration at database level.
  • Added a check to prevent user accounts from being created with a comma (resolves an issue where users could not see projects if their name has a comma).
  • Added ability to add HTML to comments.
  • Mobile – Homeowners can now see the distinction if photos are labelled Before & After Rectification.
  • Mobile – Updated All projects dashboards with clearer nomenclature.
  • Mobile – NFC tag writing is restricted to Power Users.
  • Mobile – Updated notification to subcontractors when defects are assigned to give more detail.
  • Mobile – When a homeowner is successfully created, a success message is displayed.

Novade Safety

  • Added ability for owners of a form to see all files attached to a form.
  • PTW Status Dashboard – Rejected and Revoked items are red and Closed items are Grey.
  • All PTW applicants will have their designation displayed (per HDB regulations).
  • Web – Improvement to the Archive interface for Power Users.
  • Web – Ability for Power Users to export & import user rights.
  • Mobile – Display NCRs by Assignee.

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where all groups could see spare parts.
    • Fixed an issue where photos could not be attached during request creation.
  • Added Contract Management Features.
  • Web – Request Dashboard uses average instead of median time.
  • Web – Added date filters to various dashboards.
  • Web – Added Repair response time dashboard.
  • Web – Export PDF settings to be controlled from Project Center.
  • Mobile – Added ability to set asset’s profile photo.
  • Mobile – Added ability to search within a category of asset.
  • Mobile – Ability to filter jobs, assets etc. by team.
  • Mobile – Ability to view certificates along with files attached.
  • Mobile – External technician sees only assets related to their assigned jobs.