Novade Product Update for September, 2019



In the Quality module, we now have a standardized Inspection object that can be configured to suit different workflows.

In the Safety module, users now have the ability to see the next steps in any workflow and the users responsible for the next steps, this ensures greater visibility on the progress of any Permit or Safety form through its lifecycle.

We have also made some changes to the way PDFs can be downloaded in some instances. Instead of a direct download, any PDF that has more than 50 images in it will be queued up on the server and the user will receive a link to download the PDF once it is ready. This measure was necessary to improve server performance which was being affected by multiple requests for large PDFs.

Novade Quality

  • Fixes
    • Web – fixed an issue where users with confirm rights but no complete rights were unable to see the target completion date.
    • Fixed an issue where the Case target completion date was not being updated when a defect target completion date was updated.
  • Added
    • The ability for Client Admin type users to see the draft forms of other users.
    • The ability for any company (not just subcontractor type) to be the default assignee for defects.
    • Mobile – the ability to sort defects by unit when cases are not used.
  • Re-enabled the ability to assign a defect to a company even if there are no users in the company.
  • Scheduled Confirmation and Closing dates are no longer visible in projects that are not in the handover phase.

Novade Safety

  • Fixes:
    • Mobile – Fixed an issue where long text was being truncated due to the UI redesign.
    • Fixed an issue where NC’s created from a subform were not visible.
  • Improved Search to include results related to file names.
  • Actions –
    • Added a new field called Control Type to accommodate the need for this in the ANZ market.
    • Web – Added the number and percentage next to the bar graphs on the By Type dashboard.
  • Observations –
    • Added a filter by type of contributor when creating an observation to improve usability.
    • Added an additional status Neutral for observations. This accommodates situations where some improvement is needed, but the issue is not necessarily negative.
    • Mobile – Added an observations dashboard to the mobile app.
  • PTW –
    • When attaching an asset to a permit, the asset certificate is also viewable.
    • Added the ability for permits to be created on behalf of a subcontractor.
    • Improved UI for grouping permits by Template Group name when creating a PTW.
    • [Web] – Added a new dashboard Mismatch times to detect editing of times on the permit.
  • Incidents
    • Mobile – Incident dashboard added to the mobile app.
  • Safety Forms –
    • The entire workflow is displayed both on web and mobile including the next people responsible for any stage of the workflow.
    • Scanned documents are displayed at the end of a PDF export to prevent formatting issues due to large images.
    • Added the ability to make fields editable in multiple stages. 

Novade Maintenance

  • Added
    • A History tab for assets to track any activity related to the assets.
    • Information regarding the creator of repairs and inspections.
    • The tags column to the export of assets.
  • Mobile – Improved performance on various screens.


Novade Workforce

  • Fixes
    • Fixed a JavaScript error on checkout.
  • Added
    • A Company column in the list of worker qualifications.
    • The company name after the username in history logs.
    • Web –
      • A column to list the project in the daily attendance export.
      • An export for worker’s qualifications.
      • Filters for category, sub-category and name for qualifications.
      • The count of Qualification types and Qualifications on the dashboard. 

Novade Activity

  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where users with restricted rights were able to bypass the restriction by using the search bar.
  • Added the ability to reset all Activities and Tasks to ‘Not Started’ status.


  • Web (Admin) – Added the ability to mass export QR codes for people.