Manage workers in the field with Novade Workforce​


Real-time access to all records


Compliant qualifications


Automated check-in/check-out


Mobile timecards


Overtime management

All key stakeholders have real-time access​ to field data​


gets real-time views on workforce location, attendance, activities and overtime


gains simplified processes for employee’s induction, allocation, leave management and payroll


get real-time information on each team member

Field operators

can input data and access their records anytime

Efficiently manage workforce in the field ​with a single application​


Teams / groups






Kiosk check-in

Activity tracking



Export for payroll

Access all field workers’ records anywhere, anytime​

  • Access critical data for each employee at a glance with the construction workforce management software: qualifications, profile, permits etc.
  • Easily customise profile data
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Manage resources on multiple construction projects
  • Utilise flexible access rights and editing rights
  • Create teams and groups to reflect the project management’s structure

Manage qualifications to ensure compliance on-site​

  • Ensure field workers have the documents they need to work on-site
  • Define qualification types
  • Manage qualification approvals and expiry dates
  • Link qualifications to Safety processes
  • Easily use the construction workforce management software to visualise qualifications at the company and project level

Get real-time attendance with automated site check-in / check-out​

  • Use either mobile device QR code or facial recognition cameras
  • Simplified process for field workers entering and leaving the job site
  • Single source of information for quicker online retrieval
  • Option to use thermal cameras to automate temperature checks

Detect non-compliances & high-risk situations with AI cameras​

  • Deploy AI cameras at common areas or at the entrance of restricted areas at the job site
  • Integrate with the Novade cloud-based platform to facilitate real-time notifications and reporting
  • Detect unsafe behaviours: e.g. workers not wearing helmets, entering restricted areas etc.
  • Leverage crowd detection capabilities: get notified for any violation in safe distancing measures

Manage working hours, overtime & time spent on activities​​ with digital timecards

  • Plan and report the time spent by teams in the field
  • Submit check-in and check-out times for each employee
  • Monitor the overtime approval process in real-time with the construction workforce management software
  • Plan activities, assignments, and validations
  • Complete digital signatures for timecard submissions and approvals
  • Automatically generate payroll reports

Powerful analytics to drive results

  • Get the data you need to understand site activity and employee performance
  • Access total actual hours worked per employee in any given pay period
  • Analyse overtime trends
  • Analyse parameters that impact productivity: attendance,
    absenteeism, field activities, etc.

Substantial business benefits

Ensure compliance

Efficiently manage qualifications and documentation with the construction workforce management solution

Reduce admin costs

Automate induction, site check-in/out registry, and payroll data entry to reduce admin costs and improve your bottom line

Reduce overtime

Gain visibility on daily job site activities and get better control on overtime

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