Enhanced collaboration between teams with copy Forms URL feature

We’re halfway through 2022 with many product releases and updates behind and ahead of us. From this month, Novade Quality and Novade Safety-HSE users can now copy and share URL for forms with their teammates on or off site. Copying a shareable link makes it very simple to share a form in an email, document or even on WhatsApp and other messaging apps. Try it today!

Novade Quality

  • Pinning of forms on drawings has been improved to include states other than Draft
  • Added an API call to retrieve the latest Inspection forms
  • Added the ability to see the reason provided for any “Send back to” action in the History tab
  • Mobile:
    • Added the ability to copy a shareable URL for forms
    • Added some additional text in the Homeowner app after homeowners try to book an appointment to clarify what they can do next. In the next iteration, these messages will be customisable
  • Fixes:
    • Dialog box for confirm case not appearing when lodging a defect from a form on iOS
    • Handover appointments not appearing in the exported Excel file
    • File names of PDF and Excel exports for forms created from templates with Chinese and special characters in the name
    • Incorrect order of display of mainform and subform information in PDF exports of Inspections
    • The mandatory sequence for forms could be bypassed when creating forms from templates with conditional workflows
    • Number of forms not refreshing after applying a filter
    • A blank first page for Defect PDF exports

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Improved UX to skip steps when only one item is available for selection in creation wizards, the selection step for the one item will be skipped and the user will be taken to the next step in the wizard
  • Mobile – Added the ability to copy a shareable URL for forms
  • Web – Added block, level and unit filters to the Units table view page
  • Fixes:
    • Meeting attendees still receive confirmation notifications even when notifications are turned off
    • Missing line break for Action items causing display issues on the web
    • Navigating to the next PTW after rejecting a PTW
    • Pending Tasks by User showing an incorrect number
    • Where the error code “is not a valid color string” was showing on the Incidents Dashboard for some customers
    • Viewing PTWs by specific workflow steps other than the default steps
    • Observations created from a punch item were being linked to the entire project instead of the unit to which the form belongs

Novade Maintenance

  • Added the ability for technicians to start Jobs scheduled in the future
  • Web – Search has been significantly improved to include data displayed on table views of all pages
  • Fixes:
    • Search bar not functioning when adding assets to a job

Novade Activity

  • Added an API call to update an existing task
  • Fixes:
    • Incorrect forms showing linked to an activity on mobile

Novade Workforce

  • Fixes:
    • Users receiving notifications even though the notifications have been turned off on the People page

Novade People

  • Fixes:
    • Where the signature form field was not functional on People forms
    • Deactivated users still receiving notifications
    • Custom field rank updates not behaving as expected

Project Center

  • Added the ability in Dashboard Designer to display timeline bar charts for forms in different colours based on the workflow status
  • Web:
    • Added an option to hide subforms on the forms view page
    • Added the ability on table views to copy the information which can then be pasted into any other application (e.g. Excel)
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with slow export of Safety User Rights

Novade Reports

  • Added the ability to notify specific users when a report/diary/timesheet reaches a specific step
  • Web:
    • Added the ability to define some “Condition” tracking categories for timesheets
    • Added workflow & user rights for timesheets
    • Added the ability to duplicate a value on a date range in a timesheet
    • Added the ability to display person information in workforce detailed Excel exports
    • Added a table with Equipment hours/Production ratio in Activities dashboards
  • Fixes:
    • Date range filter in the reports list page on mobile
    • The copy table feature on the web: the wrong activities timeline grid was copied
    • The dashboard exports: the emails were not sent anymore

Novade Connect

  • Added the ability to create folder under project files and under unit type files via Project Center API
  • Added the ability to store BLE MAC Address in Task via Activity API
  • Fixes:
    • 500 internal server error due to BCA CSP server not responsive