Novade Quality

  • Removed the parentheses and dashes in phone numbers on iOS

Novade Reports

  • Web – added the ability to configure the width of a table
  • Web – display of null values in Ratios dashboards
  • Added the ability to mark an activity as completed
  • Web – added the ability to view night hours in Workforce dashboards
  • Added the ability to customise the reports default shift hours depending on the day

Novade Activity

  • Web – added the ability to filter Tasks per status on Milestone page
  • Web – Added the ability to reach a filtered view of the Milestone from the Unit Summary dashboard

Project Center

  • Removed the usage of ‘ or ” in block/level/unit name


  • Ability to set up custom fields for Equipment Types

Novade Connect

  • Users will be able to view Novade on Procore Marketplace
  • Power Users can sync data with 3rd party integrations (such as thermal scanners) via mobile and web
  • An open API allows users to create and update units from the other software