Novade Platform

    • Updated setting names and tooltip texts in Project Centre Database Settings
    • Added the display of values and percentages in the Legends table, Pie Chart and Donut Chart in Dashboard Designer
    • Added a fix to automatically update the name of Form Objects that were submitted offline, when a user views the form on the web

Novade Quality

    • Fixed issues:
      • The assignee field was empty in defect view page on mobile
      • Cases logs export were not filtered by the selected dates
      • The next previous toggle arrows were missing
      • The number of archived forms were still included in closed and rejected Quality Forms tabs
      • A form could not be exported when there were too many images/attachments included
      • Defect PDF failed to export due to SQL error

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Improved the notification API to be able to select the type of notifications to be sent to users: in-app, email, or both
  • Added the right to delete Closed Observations for Client Admin accounts
  • Added a new Insights Custom Dashboard to allow admins to create custom dashboards for Insights at project and module level
  • Added Observations to be displayed on Safety Object Tracker. The filter pane displays and hides Safety Objects separately on the Tracker.
  • Improved the notification API to be able to send notifications to a selected group of users
  • Fixed issues:
    • A PDF form could not be exported when there were observations without category
    • Several pinned/favorite templates were being selected when one item was clicked
    • A filter was shown on the Action dashboard
    • Exporting actions from “Archive” tab in Safety module did not download anything
    • Updating the meeting date was not updated in a form

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issue:
    • The details of workers in a task could not be viewed

Novade Maintenance

  • Updated the dashboard setting to display only Custom Dashboard, People Dashboard Designer, or Insights Custom Dashboard
  • Fixed issues:
    • User was not able to view some inspection pages
    • A new group could not be added to a job cost
    • Maintenance inspection template types edit page was not displaying some fields
    • Recurring event import was not working

Novade People

  • Improved the Company Transfers logs page to include updates using Excel imports
  • Added the ability to display Qualification information in Dashboard Designer

Project Center

  • Add helptext in Project Configuration Auto-Archival settings page to list the objects that will be auto-archived
  • Added a tooltip in Project Configuration page to describe the upload requirements of the Project Dashboard image file
  • Fixed issues:
    • There are data items existing even though the datasets were deleted
    • Create users step of the project setup wizard was not working
    • The template name was displayed twice in the forms list page
    • “Simple HTML Layout” was not saved in template PDF settings
    • Exporting forms from tabs in Dashboard/Summary page was not downloading anything
    • Link ACC Folder button was displayed even if the BIM 360 integration was not set up
    • Notify users in My Actions inspections