Novade Platform

    • Fixed issue:
      • A user was not able to connect on mobile because of the bluetooth tracking feature

Novade Quality

    • Web – Improved custom subform functionality for Quality Inspections
    • Added notification to inform homeowners to add their signature on completed cases
    • Enabled users to filter Completed Cases signed by homeowners
    • Added the ability to set up a custom defect dashboard using Defect Dashboard Designer to view defect information and their associated data
    • Added a new feature that allows homeowners to verify defects rectification
    • Fixed issues:
      • The ‘Scheduled Confirmation Date’ field is not displayed on mobile for inspectors in older Quality handover projects
      • A user was not receiving notifications nor having any actions under ‘My Actions’ when he was supposed to
      • Three-dots options in the toolbar being duplicated when using the search on the web
      • The empty string is returned when a new form is created through an API
      • The Defect pins were not displayed in the unit drawing
      • There was no sub-type available for selection after a Defect type was selected
      • A javascript error was being shown for some users on mobile when they opened the app

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Fixed issue:
    • A user was seeing projects he was not assigned to in the People module

Novade Site Diary

  • Fixed issues:
    • Duplicate logs being created in the site diary history after an action was performed
    • An activity was not displayed after it was created on the mobile device
    • Dashboard exports that could not be sent by email anymore

Novade People

  • Web – Added the ability for Client Admins to edit Application Rights for all users (excluding Novade Admins) and use Excel import
  • Web – Added the ability for Client Admins to change a Standard User to Client Admin (and back to Standard User) and through Excel import
  • Fixed issues:
    • A Power user was prompted with an ‘Invalid Email’ message on Account creation
    • A user history could not be reached
    • Qualifications that could not be displayed for some users

Project Center

  • Fixed issues:
    • Editable states could not be updated and were not displayed for header and label fields
    • The Templates setting where the deleted Groups were not deleted from the workflows steps
    • PNG and JPG could not be uploaded as a floorplan


  • Fixed issue:
    • The unit from different projects was shown on the inspection page