Novade Platform

    • Updated the button to navigate between pages of tables
    • Web – Standardised the Custom Report labels (for users to download exports) across various Object’s pages
    • Fixed issue:
      • Broken formatting during Windward export

Novade Quality

    • Displayed the number of units in the status boxes for the Forms ‘By Unit’ and ‘Tracking’ dashboards
    • Fixed issues:
      • Archival of files
      • PDF export cases did not display defect description in a localised language
      • The Excel export file for defects was capturing the oldest comment instead of the latest comment for the “Latest comment” column
      • Modifications done on images not being saved
      • An alert message displayed in a form workflow when a notification was sent, even if it was sent to nobody
      • A template still being available to users even if it was excluded from all unit types
      • Server counter numbers were occasionally skipped
      • Next/previous arrows not displayed when opening a form from a dashboard designer, without changing module
      • Inspection number was NaN

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the ability for users to select the predefined options when they cancel the text input or leave the Observation Description field blank
  • Fixed issues:
    • A Power user encountered an error message during people import, if any username, password, login method, or login email was modified in the Excel file
    • Accounts with the username containing a newline character was not able to log in
    • Templates with multiple states without an available action was not being considered as last states when archiving some forms
    • The counts displayed in the manual archival tab included subforms, which should not be included

Novade Site Diary

  • Added links, on the Start App left pane, to My Actions page for each module (Quality, Safety-HSE, Site Diary, and Maintenance). Added ‘My Actions’ tab in the Site Diary module landing page.
  • Enabled Site Report to retrieve Diaries from multiple projects in the same database

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issue:
    • The activity archival options that contained duplicate options under specific conditions

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixed issue:
    • Assets in edit Job page redirects incorrectly
    • The template names of inspection assets were displayed incorrectly
    • Associated files to maintenance forms were not deleted

Novade People

  • Added the ability for People Power Users and Client Admins to add or remove Tags from user profiles using the Excel Import Staff button in People. They can also create new user profiles and add Tags in the same import.
  • Fixed issues:
    • Hidden fields not hidden correctly in a People forms
    • The page not being refreshed when approving a qualification renewal

Project Center

  • Web – Added a ‘Help’ sheet tab in the Import Workflow sample file to guide users in filling out the Excel file for importing workflows
  • Web – Added the ‘Editable’ states column in the Export Fields Excel file at the individual template level
  • Added the ability for Client Admins to select Quality Form templates
  • Fixed issues:
    • An alert “Please enable the Files app” was wrongly displayed
    • RFI template selection was not appearing
    • Windward was unable to upload templates