Novade Platform

    • Added a checkbox setting at template level to allow the display of fields in two columns on form edit page
    • Fixed issue:
      • There were blank spaces after timeline charts in dashboard designer

Novade Quality

    • Fixed issues:
      • Mobile notifications were not sent to users under the CC field
      • The status of a unit does not have an option to change back to ‘None’
      • Clearing all filters does not clear “Lodged by User” filter
      • The subcon user was not able to see the inspection forms assigned to his company
      • A person assigned to a form at a specific state was not able to edit it
      • A user was seeing an error on mobile when opening the subforms tab
      • Hidden comment field was not showing in the form preview for users with the correct editable state
      • Some defects were not displayed correctly on mobile if they are not linked to a unit
      • Forms dashboard where the forms were not filtered out for a restricted consultant user
      • Some fields that should have been visible were not
      • The user cannot create a quality inspection
      • Some forms were missing in ‘My Actions’ tab

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Fixed issues:
    • Some users were displayed as assignees in an action even if they do not have access to the project
    • Users were able to resubmit forms after sending them back to draft, even when they were not supposed to see it
    • Filter was not working on PTW Dashboard by Status
    • Some users were able to see forms from projects they do not have access to in some global dashboards
    • User could not see the workflow steps of some templates due to some wrong values stored in the database

Novade Site Diary

  • Added End Chainage, End Date and Time fields to Cycles
  • Fixes issue:
    • Some users were able to access diaries they do not have access to via the linked diaries tab of a site report

Novade People

  • Fixed issues:
    • The non-admin was able to edit an admin’s project
    • A user could not merge the profiles of two people
    • View the people form from a notification of a standard user
    • The search feature was not working on mobile anymore

Project Center

  • Updated the template Workflow Excel export to include conditional workflow fields
  • Fixed issues:
    • Quality and Safety-HSE Inspection Type Settings were both selected
    • Editable states cannot be changed to another state if “All” is selected
    • Changing the user’s login email did not associate the user rights with the new email
    • Maintenance had to be enabled to edit an Assets field
    • The user could not select editable state after Approved (200) for the RFWI field
    • The RFI template Workflow action group disappeared
    • Created states in closing workflow having the wrong rank
    • An error message was displayed on mobile at the creation of a form
    • Template workflow tab cannot be opened