Novade Platform

    • Enabled notifications to be sent to the first 20 users set as CC for Defects, Inspections, Actions, and Observations

Novade Quality

    • Web – Added the ability to display the latest comment as well as the first and latest photos in Defect Dashboard Designer
    • Mobile – Added the ability to select files to download for offline inspection
    • Fixed issues:
      • A form assignee was not reassigned properly
      • The ‘Let homeowner see’ checkbox status does not match its corresponding project setting, when adding a defect comment
      • Empty signature fields that could not be edited in form dashboard designer on the web
      • User signature fields were not supported in dashboard designer
      • A form could not be exported via Windward because a file attachment was corrupted
      • Inspection forms were not being displayed in unit level form dashboard designer
      • Form notifications were being sent to users but the forms notifications setting was disabled
      • The order of templates in forms Excel export was not alphabetical
      • Form hidden fields were being displayed in the PDF export
      • Copied URLs that could not be pasted in a field on mobile

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added an option to set Cause and Cause Description fields as mandatory for Actions
  • Web – Added the ability to filter people by Company/Team/Group/Tag on the Add/Remove People page for Safety Forms, Meetings, and PTWs
  • Fixed issues:
    • The content of PDF files attached in subform’s photo fields were not included in the exported PDF (when subform is set to display vertically)
    • Observations were not displayed correctly in ‘My Tasks’ when CC users were selected
    • Meetings were not being filtered properly for standard users
    •  People fields were not being correctly formatted in dashboard designer
    • Confirmed meeting attendance was displayed in ‘My Tasks’
    • Deleting Action did not update the linked action ID in the Observation

Novade Site Diary

  • Added the ability to exclude specific Diary Templates from being archived in Site Diary module
  • Fixed issues:
    • The keyboard arrows that were not working to navigate between diaries
    • Users could not create a Diary as they could not select a unit
    • Users could not select some unit options when creating a diary
    • Some assets were not assigned to the project but could be added in diaries of the project

Novade People

  • Fixed issue:
    • User creation was not working