Novade Platform

    • Fixed issues:
      • The attachment could not be opened in StartApp
      • User could not go back to Start app via the back button after redirecting to My Actions from Start app
      • All projects in a site had the same address in Start App although the projects were not assigned to addresses

Novade Quality

    • Web – Added the ability for users to only select and view mandatory templates with target completion dates on the Quality Forms Tracking dashboard
    • Fixed issues:
      • Booking custom fields was rendered twice
      • Project switch icon appeared twice for subcontractors
      • Users did not receive booking reminder emails one day prior to booked appointment date
      • The old status in defect log was wrong

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the ability to capture and display the user’s location (GPS coordinates) for PTW workflow actions under the PTW history tab
  • Fixed issue:
    • Users would be requested to use mobile for first signature if there is no signature on weekly PTWs
    • The link preview button on the Observation edit page on mobile redirected to an empty URL

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixed issue:
    • The user could not access the inspection form

Project Center

  • Renamed the the existing ‘User Account Signature’ field to ‘Profile Signature’ for clarity
  • Web – Added Auto Archival for Site Diary with the ability to select diaries, states to archive, and the archival period. For archival period, the number of days can be specified with the new custom option
  • Fixed issue:
    • Ensure consistency in files upload options throughout the app