Novade Quality

  • Added Request for Inspection to API
  • Added filters on maps for Android devices

Novade Reports

  • Added the option to duplicate a supply reception in a report
  • Added the possibility to transfer the data on supplies from the previous report
  • Added an option to highlight values which are higher/lower than daily/total targets in dashboards
  • Added the ability to choose colours for toggle options in custom fields
  • Added Total Production and Total Duration or Total Worked Hours columns in ratio dashboards
  • Mobile – added a checkbox for “Match activity duration” when breaking down resources on activities
  • Mobile – added the ability to edit all bonuses of a timecard at once
  • Added a “reset to default value” button to enable editing of custom field value containing a default value
  • Added the possibility to link theoretical start and completion dates to an activity
  • Added the possibility to enable the Cycle and Profile selection
  • Added the ability to choose the team when creating a diary

Novade Maintenance

  • Removed the cselection step of scanning an asset’s or unit’s QR code when there is no unit

Novade Activity

  • Added the ability for users to add files despite it not being their turn in the form’s workflow

Novade People

  • Mobile – added project filter
  • Added the ability to export the People list which includes all users (even with no type)

Project Center

  • Revamped and consolidated custom dashboards
  • Removed Inspection Type Template from Forms Configuration Selection for Novade Quality users