Novade Platform

    • Fixed issues:
      • Incorrect error message displayed to some admin users when they accessed the app on the web after a period of not using it
      • An unexpected error message being displayed when accessing a module

Novade Quality

    • Fixed issues:
      • Quality Form Unit Status dashboard was displayed although the setting was disabled
      • Some custom exports cannot be exported due to Chinese characters in file name attachments
      • The ‘By Creator’ filter was not displayed correctly on mobile
      • Some defects linked to common area were not displayed on mobile

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Fixed issue:
    • An error displayed when viewing PTWs from ‘valid’ tab on mobile

Novade People

  • Fixed issues:
    • Qualifications menu could be accessed on mobile by a user who was neither a power user nor a team leader
    • Display workspace transfers on the timeline
    • The button of custom field was not displayed on mobile for non-admin user
    • Display the fixed X-axis on workspace transfers timeline chart

Project Center

  • Fixed issues:
    • User connection stats older than six months were not deleted
    • An error of uploading new versions of unit drawings