Novade Quality

  • Changed Handover Units’ DLP start date calculation to be 15 days after the Date of Notice
  • Added the ability to add files to Request For Inspections
  • Changed the Inspector field in Request for Inspections to be blank by default
  • Added display for the number of created Request for Inspection forms per unit
  • Added the ability for users with ‘’Complete Case’’ rights to reopen Completed Defects

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the ability to duplicate subforms

Novade Reports

  • Web — added a button to send reminders to users who have pending actions
  • Web — added the ability to display cycles as columns in activities and breakdowns dashboards
  • Web — added the ability to export several reports at the same time using predefined custom export
  • Web — added the ability to create timecards and absence in the same page
  • Added the ability to take into account company transfers when displaying people’s company
  • Added the ability to view and edit three standard fields (external ID, external trade, external type) in activity templates
  • Added the possibility to include the report unit name in the name of the report export

Novade Maintenance

  • Mobile — changed the display name for “Overdue” on mobile to indicate time period