Novade Platform

    • Added dubform & checklist attachments in Quality (Form, Inspection) and Safety (Form, Inspection, PTW, Meeting, Incident) to be shown under the Files section in the PDF export
    • Web – Added the ability to open an object from a listing table in a new browser tab for Custom Dashbaord Designer 
    • Fixed issue:
      • The reject button was appearing for rejected forms even if it was disabled in the template

Novade Quality

    • Added an a new option ‘Request’ under the Defect Naming field
    • Fixed issues:
      • Forms per date diagram is empty with no message
      • The file uploaded to inspection form was not visible in the Files tab on Web
      • Display custom dashboard on mobile

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Fixed issues:
    • The user could not see the list of people who could confirm and close Actions
    • Issue master list Excel export was missing headers

Novade People

  • Web – Added the ability for user profile History tab to automatically log changes to most User Info fields for a more comprehensive record of information changes

Project Center

  • Fixed issue:
    • Updating case counter for the project causes a continuous dialog