Novade Quality

  • Web — Added the ability to copy the URL for quality forms
  • Changed the Column Width setting for Template PDF Exports to percentages (%)

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Included Rejected PTW Subforms in Auto-Archival
  • Web — Added the ability to copy the URL for safety forms
  • Mobile — Added the ability for users to skip the object selection popup and go directly into Form Edit page, after clicking on the “Create New” button
  • Added subcon users in Action Assignee selection list

Novade Reports

  • Added the ability to create different type of absences for the same person on the same day

Novade Maintenance

  • Web — Added more details in the calendar week view for assignees (Team, Group) and inspections (Start time, Expected duration)
  • Web — Added filters for Inspection Priority, Inspection Classification, and Group on calendar view
  • Web — Added filters for Inspection Priority and Inspection Classification on Inspections Status view
  • Web — Added the ‘Time’ column in the Recurring Events Import and Export Excel

Project Center

  • Web — Added the ability for Client Admins to upload and download Custom Export Template files under the Custom Reports menu
  • Web — Added an option in Form Dashboard Designer to let users with sufficient rights to directly edit values in the dashboard table view without entering the form
  • Web — Added the ability to hide the table view for sections on Dashboard Designer