Webinar - Building awareness: A multidisciplinary conversation on hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) prevention in construction

On-Demand Webinar | 45 minutes | Free

About this Webinar

At Novade, we recognise the importance of workplace safety in the construction industry, particularly when it comes to hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). That’s why we’re hosting an exclusive webinar to discuss how to prevent and manage HAVS on construction sites.

Our panel features seasoned professionals from various facets of the industry, who will share their knowledge and experience in dealing with HAVS. Gain valuable insights from Simon Rogers (Kier), Sue Hewitt (Health and Safety Executive), and Michael Manalay (Severn Bay Corporate Solutions), as they explore the state of the construction industry today and discuss what they forsee.

As a professional in the industry your expertise and perspective are critical in our mission to create a safer construction environment. Register now and join us for this informative and engaging event.


  • The current state/trends hand-arm vibration syndrome in construction​
  • Common challenges of HAVS from 3 perspectives
  • Effective strategies for HAVS prevention and management
  • Gaining visibility and control
  • The future of HAVS in construction


Simon Rogers

Group Head of Business Assurance, Kier

A long-term programme and change leader who has the dubious distinction of forgetting to step back when sticky initiatives need driving. Simon has undergone a multitude of roles and industry sectors mostly on a consulting basis. Simon started in construction as a graduate and have come back to it having now been with Kier for over 13 years through thick and thin.

Sue Hewitt

HM Inspector of Health & Safety
(Noise & Vibration Specialist)

Sue began her career as a research scientist for HSE and then worked as an expert witness for civil claims for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and Noise Induced Hearing Loss. She recently returned to HSE as a specialist inspector.

Michael Manaley

Senior Commercial Broker & Owner,
Severn Bay Corporate Solutions

Michael has been in financial services over 10 years and has experience in both banking & insurance. Qualified since 2009 he has worked with a wide variety of clients from Sole Traders to PLC’s.

Tejas Thomas

Northern Europe and Canada Sales Director,

Tejas started his time with Novade in Singapore as a product consultant deploying the software on site in Malaysia and Singapore. He subsequently relocated to UK to setup the businesses operations in the region. He also has experience working in supply chain and hi-tech manufacturing sectors.

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