Webinar: Digitalise your safety processes on construction sites

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Novade will be addressing how construction companies in Thailand can leverage technology can drive their digital transformation and operate with new health and safety measures.

During this webinar, we will share how Novade helps you toyou can leverage a construction health and safety platform to:  

  • Digitalise site processes with an all-in-one platform
  • Create and monitor all quality, health, and safety inspections digitally
  • Enforce new safety standards by implementing contact-free processes
  • Automate and optimise contactless processes with the seamless integration of a range of IoTs such as thermal scanners and facial recognition cameras


  • Introducing Novade’s construction management software
  • Drive and enforce health and safety performance with Novade Safety-HSE
  • Operating with new health and safety measures during COVID-19
  • Q&A

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