Webinar: Novade x Autodesk integration: Streamline collaboration between office and field teams

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Construction companies manage technology stacks including a dizzying array of construction software, hardware, on the cloud, on premises, and proprietary systems.

How do construction companies remain lean and agile and bring order to avoid software entropy with so many software solutions and disparate applications?

In this joint webinar with Autodesk Construction Cloud, we will be discussing how construction companies can avoid the silo trap by connecting data with cloud systems and APIs.

Unlock the power of your existing data:
Novade’s integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud seamlessly connects your office and field teams anytime, anywhere.

Break down data silos on construction projects:
Share safety and quality data from the field in Novade, and incorporate the latest drawings from BIM 360®, so office and field teams can streamline collaboration to minimise miscommunications and rework.

About Novade Connect:
Whether you are optimising workflows, transforming site performance, enhancing client relationships or managing supply chains… connect all your field management tools to the Novade platform.

Novade Connect provides plug and play connectors with some of the world’s most trusted names in the industry. Unlock the power of your existing data today by tapping into the growing digital ecosystem of construction software and hardware providers.


  • The construction digital ecosystem – an overview
  • Challenges today – Rise of data silos in the construction tech environment
  • Breaking down data silos in 3 ways
  • Unlock the power of your data with Novade Connect
  • Plug and play integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud – Use cases

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