Enhancing construction site safety with CCTV cameras, mobile apps & AI

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Article

Prevent accidents and protect your workers by boosting construction site safety

Construction sites are notorious for their inherent safety risks, making it imperative to explore innovative ways to mitigate accidents and protect workers. In recent years, advancements in technology, particularly video cameras, artificial intelligence (AI), and mobile apps, have proven to be game-changers in improving safety on construction sites. By strategically deploying high-definition video cameras, leveraging AI-powered object recognition and alert systems, integrating mobile apps for seamless communication, and utilising data-driven analysis, construction companies can revolutionise safety practices and create a secure work environment. This article examines the transformative impact of video cameras, AI, and mobile apps on construction site safety.

Enhanced surveillance with video cameras

Video cameras have long been used for security purposes, but their application in construction site safety goes beyond monitoring unauthorised access. Through the strategic placement of high-definition cameras across construction sites, companies can establish comprehensive surveillance systems that proactively prevent accidents. Real-time monitoring allows supervisors to identify potential hazards, detect unsafe behaviour, and intervene before incidents occur. Additionally, recorded footage can serve as valuable evidence for investigations and training purposes.

AI-powered object recognition and alert systems

AI algorithms integrated with video cameras offer real-time analysis of video feeds, effectively identifying safety risks such as individuals not wearing helmets or approaching restricted zones. When an anomaly is detected, the system promptly generates alerts for site managers, facilitating swift action. The advantage lies in the consistent vigilance of the system, ensuring continuous monitoring. Though challenges remain in detecting real issues accurately, recent advancements in AI have significantly enhanced the algorithms’ capabilities.

Prevent accidents and protect your workers by boosting construction site safety

Connecting video AI & mobile apps

While generating alerts is crucial, it is equally important to take swift action and track corrective measures. This is where mobile apps come into play. Transferring alerts to a field safety management system facilitates efficient communication and response.

It is critical that for each alert, a corrective action is recorded for multiple reasons:

  • First if the alert is correct, it could potentially save lives
  • If the alert is incorrect, it provides valuable data to improve the algorithm’s accuracy for false alerts
  • If the issue is a near miss – meaning nothing happened, but there was a risk of an incident, a record should be kept for future improvement.

It’s important to note that video AI is just one source of alerts, as workers can also report issues directly. However, video AI adds an additional layer of always-on monitoring.”

workforce image non-compliance work

Data-driven safety analysis and continuous improvement

The integration of video cameras, AI, and mobile apps generates a wealth of valuable data related to safety incidents, near-misses, and compliance with safety protocols. Safety teams can leverage this data to conduct in-depth safety analysis, identifying trends, common causes of accidents, and areas for improvement. The power of AI extends to suggesting improvements and even predicting potential hazardous situations, especially for companies capturing significant amounts of data.

Getting started and reaping the benefits

The amalgamation of video cameras, AI, and mobile apps presents a ground-breaking opportunity to revolutionise construction site safety. Enhanced surveillance, AI-powered object recognition, seamless communication through mobile apps, and data-driven analysis have the potential to prevent accidents, minimise risks, and save lives.

However, reaping the full benefits takes time. A step-by-step approach is usually the most effective, focusing on use cases, training AI algorithms, and ensuring that the workforce is comfortable with digital tools. To achieve success, these systems should extend beyond mere monitoring and tracking. It is essential to position these technologies as tools that improve working conditions and safety, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

But there is no doubt that by embracing this transformative approach, construction sites can become safer and more efficient.

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About Invigilo

About Invigilo

Invigilo Technologies is an AI-IoT safety intelligence platform that aims to provide prescriptive, preventive, and predictive learnings and safety enforcement. High risk worksites face a lot of safety lapses due to the complexity and scale of work. This results in lives being lost, and financial implications to the management, each one could potentially cost up to $500,000 SGD, along with a bad reputation. Through the usage of historical data records, and IP cameras on site, Invigilo provides comprehensive awareness of site safety levels. Invigilo utilizes NLP and computer vision technologies to provide real-time alerts upon safety lapses to ensure prompt rectification. Along with this, a very comprehensive dashboard is provided important statistics about site safety.


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