Quality, safety and productivity are significantly improved with actionable data captured from site operations.


Singapore, 10 December 2019 – Novade, a smart field management software developer for the building and construction industry, today launches its latest feature, Novade Insights. This feature collects data across all projects, offering business analyses to streamline operations and make strategic decisions to increase quality, safety and productivity.

Novade’s clients now have easy access to business intelligence generated from millions of records that are analysed and parsed into easy-to-customise reports. Putting decision makers in the driver’s seat, Novade Insights benefit key personnel from site managers and consultants to project directors and CEOs. It provides clear and concise visibility, impacting decisions from the ground up to top management.

Novade Insights is the latest function that enhances Novade’s existing modules, namely, Quality, Safety, Activity, Workforce, Maintenance, and Logistics. Clients gain a comprehensive overview of their operations across projects from both live and archived data. The configurable dashboards enable clients to discover insights on specific areas such as project progress and performance, subcontractor and employee performance, safety compliance, risk exposure, digital transformation adoption, and supplier and project benchmarking, amongst others.

Novade is on a mission to drive the digital transformation of the building and construction industry with mobile applications and machine learning technology. Denis Branthonne, CEO and founder of Novade, shares, “We are on a rapid path towards developing predictive models which will dramatically impact the way our clients operate.”

For more details on Novade Insights: www.novade.net/novade-insights

About Novade

Founded in 2014, Novade is headquartered in Singapore and operates globally. Novade offers smart field management software for the building and construction industry. Site processes including quality, safety, progress monitoring, workforce management, and maintenance are digitised and automated using mobile devices. The data captured provides insights to streamline operations and drive results. Leading contractors, real estate developers, owners, and operators around the world trust Novade to drive their digital transformation.


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