Novade Product Update for July 2020


Revamped Novade Activity UI 

On 6th August 2020, the new Activity User Interface (UI) will be available on mobile. More details on the redesigned Novade Activity UI can be found here

Novade Quality

  • Added the ability to exclude public holiday/non-working days when setting target dates.
  • Added the ability to mark an approved inspection as failed.
  • Updated the PDF export for defects to be aligned with the standards.
  • Added a Create New button in the Forms tab to ease the creation of forms.
  • Added support for Philippine Pesos.
  • Web:
    • Archived forms are now included in the excel export.
    • Added the ability to multi-select cases for PDF download on the Unit tab.
  • Mobile:
    • Added the ability to sort templates alphabetically to create a form.
    • Changes in the terminology on the homeowner app to make it aligned with the user guide.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The right to delete defects where the incorrect type of user was able to delete defects.
    • Clicking on the reinspection button for a failed inspection.
    • A missing start button for an assigned inspection.
    • Selecting the correct floorplan when pinning a defect.
    • Resetting the inspections counter.
    • Sorting columns of a form list view on the web.
    • Clicking outside the signature box on the iPad was sending the form to the next person in the workflow.
    • Inspection PDFs exported to email were being duplicated.
    • Exporting to PDF  was not working.
    • A user without the right to create the form was able to.
    • HTML code showing on Android.
    • Defects could not be assigned to individuals.
    • A sub-form was still visible to a subcon user even after the main form was deleted.
    • “Move to a New Case” was not available on mobile.
    • The long text could not be displayed correctly.
    • Homeowners could not delete new defects.
    • The inspection assignee’s name was not displaying correctly.
    • The status of archived forms was displaying on the web dashboard of Forms by Unit.
    • The duplicate photo option was not available when duplicating a form.
    • The status of forms was not visible.
    • Loading of homeowner page and extra home button.
    • Photos linked to subforms were not displayed in the Photos tab.
    • The grouping of forms by template was not taking into account multiple pages.

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the ability for workers without an account to confirm attendance via a Kiosk account.
  • The number of days since the last incident is rounded up to a whole number.
  • Web – Added two new dashboards to Incidents – Types by Hazard and Man Days Lost.
  • Mobile – Added the ability to see the GPS location of a photo in Observations and Actions.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Importing text with accents to the Observation master list.
    • The link to an action created from an inspection was not being displayed on the web.
    • A checkbox that is checked was not showing up as checked in the exported PDF.
    • Clicking on an action link in an inspection.
    • The date not showing in an exported PDF.

Novade Reports

  • Client Admin rights around deletion of objects have been updated.
  • Client Admin functionality defined for Supplies, Workforce and Equipment.
  • Added bonuses to timecards.
  • Web – Improvements to PDF exports.

Novade Maintenance

  • Added filter by job classification for Jobs.
  • Added the ability to allow completion of a job/inspection only after the attached checklists are completed.  
  • Added the ability to specify in Project Center a template workflow stage for a checklist at which a job/inspection can be completed.
  • Web:
    • Added job classification column on all jobs status pages
    • Added a percentage for each bar on the Job by Type dashboard.
    • Added the ability for all users to export jobs.
    • Added the ability to import recurrent events with a start date in the past.
    • Importing asset certificates is optional in the setup wizard.
    • Added the ability to select and delete assets from a search result.
  • Mobile – Optimised the app to increase speed.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Inspection/job not showing when applying a staff filter.
    • Dates where displaying incorrectly after editing.

Novade Activity

  • Improved the milestones functionality and added checks to ensure that they are correctly setup.
  • Web:
    • Added the ability to load archived data such as forms without restoring the entire activity.
    • Added checks to ensure that data in the imported excel is in the correct format.
  • Mobile – The forms progress percentage now excludes rejected forms.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Client admins were not able to see all projects.
    • A PDF export error on mobile.

Project Center

  • Added a check to ensure that modules that have data cannot be removed from a project.
  • Added the ability for Client Admins to enable Bluetooth tracking.
  • Client Admins are restricted from seeing Novade Admin rights.

Novade Insights

  • General – Removed test data from appearing on insights.
  • Quality:
    • Added standardisation of defect location (two similar locations will be group together, for example ‘master bedroom’ and ‘master bdr’ will both be under the label ‘master bedroom’).
    • Added standardisation of defect type.
  • Activity:
    • Amended widget titles to be more standardised.
    • Improved Gantt chart view.
    • Added last 30 days change for top indicators.
    • Added standardisation of task type.
  • Reports – Added 5 new tabs with extensive dashboards: Overview, Production, Workforce, Equipment, Adoption.