Novade Product Update for July 2021


Enhanced photo feature in form duplicates adds greater safety for users

Photos will no longer be automatically replicated when users of Novade Quality and Novade Safety-HSE duplicate quality forms, which require camera-only photos, or safety forms such as PTWs and Inspections. Instead, users will now need to retake photos when a quality or safety form is duplicated. This enhanced feature not only enforces greater safety, but is also especially crucial for users who need to provide an update on the site’s condition in real time. An option has also been formalised for Novade Safety-HSE users to easily duplicate photos in the new PTW template if necessary.

Novade Quality

  • Separated the rights for “Complete Case” and “Complete Defects” to allow customers to have more control on the workflow in defect rectification
  • Improved the Forms filters to include “Created By”
  • Added the ability to add photos to defects via API. This enables 3rd party applications such as Drone Inspection software to add photos to defects
  • Web – added an additional column “Intervention Date” in the Excel export for defects
  • Fixes:
    • Thai vowels not being displayed in PDF exports
    • Defects not being numbered correctly in PDF exports when there are more than 100 defects
    • Excel import headers not being translated to French
    • Sort not working in Case and Unit views
    • Defect serial numbers not being assigned correctly
    • To Rectify defects showing an Employee type user’s My Actions list
    • Subcon type accounts being able to edit some unit information
    • Non-working days being counted when assigning a target completion date for defects
    • Subcon accounts not being able to see My Actions when defect management is disabled
    • The sorting by date on the history log of a case not working correctly
    • PDFs of subforms
    • The PDF export for RFWIs not working
    • The Action Required tab not displaying any items in forms
    • Homeowners not being able to see Archived cases
    • The mandatory photo setting not applying to homeowners

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added an option to prevent the application of multiple PTWs in the same location
  • Added the ability for Form creators to be able to reject their own form
  • Fixes:
    • Date range filters displaying the day earlier than the day selected
    • Pie chart colours for individual template dashboards displaying incorrectly
    • Sorting units in the Unit Status dashboard

Novade Reports

  • Additions:
    • User rights to allow the creation of new supply, equipment count, and headcount types directly from an Activity
    • Mark an Activity as completed
    • Set up different Report default shift hours for specific days
    • Copy and share a Report or Site Diary URL
    • See night hours in a new dashboard
    • Define if a bonus type is summable
    • See null values in ratios dashboards
    • Change the width of a table
  • Streamlined the process of deleting timecards
  • Fixes:
    • The user was reaching a blank page after following a link sent via email or a notification
    • The API was returning an empty value for weather
    • The API was returning multiple results for a single comment on a Report
    • The Activity page being synced twice causing a blank page to be displayed
    • Bonuses that were not displayed in the right order on mobile
    • The import of Activity daily targets
    • The display of bonuses on the Team Report table
    • The save button for new Activities not working on the web
    • Users not able to see photos link to an Activity
    • The “Meter Readings” section was being displayed even if Equipment had no meter set up

Novade Maintenance

  • Web – Improved the UI to add a warning message when changing an asset to a quantifiable item and vice versa
  • Fixes:
    • Submitting an inspection after assigning it to a team
    • The name of the creator of an inspection was not being displayed when the inspection was created on mobile
    • Adding comments to assets and inspections
    • Resetting meter readings when they reach the reset value
    • Client Admins not seeing the submit button on Inspection forms
    • Accessing spare parts on some databases

Novade Activity

  • Added the ability to add a revision number to a duplicated form
  • Web – Improved the behaviour when clicking on a Task status to display a filtered Unit Summary dashboard
  • Fixes:
    • Newly imported tasks not showing in the correct position in the list view
    • Archived tasks not being included on the Milestones dashboard
    • Subcons not being able to see WIP tasks
    • Archived tasks not being exported to Excel
    • Filters not carrying over to the next page of filtered tasks
    • Users not being able to create forms on Tasks

Novade Workforce

  • Fixes:
    • Exporting timecards to Excel

Novade People 

  • Updated the Builder Occupier Daily Report to the latest format as per BCA
  • Added the ability to store temperature records for at least 31 days for COVID-19 Safe Restart projects in Singapore
  • Optimised the code to improve performance on large databases
  • Fixes:
    • Deactivated users continuing to receive email notifications
    • The search function not displaying the correct results and not working properly

Project Center

  • Added a check to prevent the use of ‘or ‘ in unit names. Using these characters was causing buggy behaviour
  • Improved the sort function for table views with a better UI to reset sorting
  • Modified the behaviour to restore deleted items to be accessible from a Recycle Bin instead of the archive tab
  • Fixes:
    • Using “ in the label of a field of a form was preventing the creation of a table view for that form template
    • French language databases where “punch” was not being translated correctly


  • Added the ability to set up custom fields for Equipment Types
  • Fixes:
    • The import of Equipment Types
    • The selection of Equipment when creating a Meter Reading

Novade Insights

  • Improved server performance and transfer of data, all daily updates are now completed by 8 a.m. local time
  • Improved dashboard loading time with minor server maintenance
  • Improved the presentation of risk labels on Action dashboard (Safety-HSE) using the custom risk level setup by the client
  • Added access to predefined information for PTWs and incidents forms on custom dashboard creation
  • Fixes:
    • A date quality issue where some long comments in forms were making the item lost
    • An error where some archive data was not included

Novade Connect

  • Additions:
    • An API call to create and update units
    • API calls to access, create or modify units types
    • Added an API server for EMEA allowing users in Europe, Middle East, and Africa region to seamlessly access Novade Connect and the API listed on
  • Simplified Pensees onboarding by ignoring spaces and being case insensitive for NRIC/FIN information
  • Updated Novade connector capability information on Procore Marketplace
  • Added and updated the API documentation introduction
  • Fixes:
    • Attain temperature records on Novade where the record was done offline on Pensees thermal scanner
    • Attain thermal records into Novade related to timing error with Intercorp
    • Profiles marked as not synchronised with Pensees while they were in fact synchronised with the system