Novade Product Update for May 2021


Launch of Novade Connect

Novade has launched its latest solution called Novade Connect. Novade Connect offers plug and play connectors enabling users to seamlessly integrate field data with some of the world’s most trusted names in the industry. You can find more information here.

Additionally, users of the Novade Reports modules can now visualise site data at a glance by switching between various display configurations on the web dashboard effortlessly. With the option to save a preset of filters and configurations, the new feature enables users to have better organisation of dashboards, save time when analysing data and assessing performance measures, as well as generate actionable insights. There are no limitations to the number of configurations saved. Users will also be able to easily retrieve saved configurations whenever they log in.

Novade Quality

  • Improved the export of PDFs of forms that have sub-forms to make them more legible
  • UI improvements to the homeowner app to make it easier for homeowners to remember to submit defects
  • Mobile – added the ability to display custom dashboards on mobile
  • Web – added the ability for users to download multiple photos with one click
  • Web – added the ability to filter defects by assignee
  • Web – added “Rectification Date” and “Rectified By” to the Excel export of Defects
  • Fixed issues:
    • Duplicating forms with conditional workflows where the workflow was not duplicated correctly
    • Exporting vertical floor plans to PDFs where they extend onto the next page instead of fitting to page
    • Subforms displaying in the table view of forms along with main forms
    • Standard users were not able to see draft forms from other users in their company on the web
    • Null values within forms breaking the search
    • Duplicating forms where the date of duplication was taken instead of the date of submission
    • Opening downloaded custom PDFs
    • Subcon users not being able to see subforms
    • Linked forms missing from the exported PDF
    • Date fields allowing typing in of additional characters
    • Users not being able to add comments to Defects
    • The Forms by Unit dashboard displaying incorrect colours
    • Users not being able to select Defect descriptions when lodging defects
    • Subcon users not being able to see photos attached to WIP defects
    • Opening downloaded Excel sheets that have non-Latin characters for sheet names
    • Filters for Inspections not displaying Inspections correctly
    • Issue where the floorplan was not being included in PDF exports
    • The defect ID was not displaying correctly in PDF exports
    • PDF export formats not being correct
    • “Clear all filters” not working
    • Sorting by status on the forms table view
    • Viewing charts and maps in China

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Actions:
    • Added the ability to make photos mandatory before marking an action as rectified
    • Actions – added “Others” as a standard subtype by default
    • Web – modified Excel export to include all comments instead of only the latest comment
    • Web – added the Origin of Actions to the Excel export
  • Forms on the Web:
    • Added an indicator in Excel for archived forms
    • Added the ability to view public forms from within the module
    • Filters by creators are now sorted alphabetically
  • Observations – Web – modified Excel export to include all comments instead of only the latest comment
  • Fixed issues:
    • Photos on Observations could be marked as “After Rectification”. This is not applicable to Observations
    • Forms were showing up in a user’s My Actions even if the form had reached the last stage
    • Duplicating forms where the user is not asked which stage to duplicate the form to on a mobile
    • Users unable to access custom dashboards
    • Users not being redirected to an Incident when clicking on the link in the email notification
    • Clicking to the next photo in an Action or Observation
    • Users being asked to create a stored signature repeatedly
    • Missing “Description” for Actions on mobile
    • Missing workflow history after submitting a form on a project with server counter enabled
    • Client admins not being able to see drafts
    • Android users were unable to open attachments in Forms

Novade Reports

  • Major improvement to dashboards: users now have the ability to save display configurations
  • New type of ratio dashboard: Worked hours/Production
  • Added a new “Report status” filter on dashboard pages
  • Added more information in the Workforce table when checking in staff and breaking down resources on activities (web)
  • Changed the behavior of Workforce dashboards to only display timecards that are linked to existing Reports
  • Web – added the ability to change an Activity to another without having to delete/recreate
  • Added the ability to have custom fields for weather
  • Added a checkbox to match timecard breakdown to the activity duration
  • Added the option to update all timecards to match Reports shift when editing it
  • Fixed issues:
    • A timecard was noted as an absence in the Workforce table
    • The name of an Equipment type in the dashboards
    • The import function to update Activity fields setup
    • Meter Readings not being displayed properly

Novade Maintenance

  • Added a push notification to the creator of a Request when it is marked as Acknowledged
  • Fixed issues:
    • The display of the My Actions dashboard on the web

Novade Activity

  • Added a notification to users when a task is manually assigned to them
  • Added the ability to multi-select forms and download them to PDF or Excel
  • Fixed issues:
    • The filters on the Activity global dashboard not working correctly
    • Standard users were able to complete tasks without completing previously linked tasks
    • Changes to assets made via Excel not showing up in logs

Project Center

  • Added admin logs for Quality project settings
  • Fixed issues:
    • The page numbers overlapping template group names
    • Projects getting deleted even if the user cancels the action
    • Search not working correctly
    • Importing user rights using an Excel file with headers in a language other than English
    • Admin users seeing a blank page
    • Not being able to save the workflow for templates which are not associated with projects
    • Accessing Project Center

Novade Insights

  • Novade Quality & Novade Safety-HSE: Forms tables – combine forms table across different modules to improve the dashboard performance
  • Forms tables – provide access to any field value through drilling down
  • Overall: data quality improvement, streamlining the custom dashboard process building and deployment for clients
  • Fixed issues:
    • Some databases were not updated daily
    • Quality adoption – quality forms are shown in green when the number of forms increases, reflecting a positive increase. A decrease in the number of forms will be shown in red
    • Observation – custom observation categories were not reflected on the observation dashboard