Major improvements across Novade’s platform

At Novade, May has been a month of stability, big improvements, and enhanced performance of features. There’s something new and exciting for everyone, from improving the search function on mobile for Novade Quality users, to accelerating access to units through QR codes for Novade Safety-HSE users. Here’s a quick round-up of all the updates done to our features in May (click the button to view the full list).

Novade Quality

  • Added the ability to store the history of the changes to form fields
  • Improved the UX for homeowners when no unit is associated to their account. A message now informs them that their account is in the process of being set up instead of the “No unit found” message previously
  • Improved the search function on the Form Templates page on mobile
  • Added the ability for custom fields on the booking page to be visible to Homeowners
  • Fixes:
    • Incorrect unit counts showing in the Defect By Type dashboard
    • The signatures in a workflow do not display in PDFs when exporting forms from the entire unit

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the ability to scan QR codes to access a unit at the landing page instead of needing to be in the project to do so
  • Added a check when creating a form from a template to ensure that the form can only be created in Units to which the form template has been assigned
  • Fixes:
    • A notification for an expired PTW leading to an empty list
    • Unit Reference filter not working on Observations

Novade Reports

  • Mobile – Added the display of existing activities before pinned activities in a report
  • Web – Added the ability to scroll into dashboards when they contain too many items, by keeping the header and the first column frozen
  • Added the ability for users to edit all the comments/pictures in a report if they can edit the report, not only their comments/pictures
  • Web – Added the ability to display weather data in all Excel detailed exports
  • Fixes:
    • Timecards for which midnight was not correctly saved on mobile
    • An issue linked to activities not displayed correctly in the dashboards because their names were containing special characters
    • Group filter that was not working properly in the workforce dashboard

Novade Maintenance

  • Added the Linked Request ID to the Jobs Excel export
  • Fixes:
    • One inspection shows multiple times if it has multiple assignees on the calendar view
    • My Actions showing incorrect information
    • Requests were not being filtered by site
    • Links in notifications not linking to the correct Job
    • Forms linked to items in My Actions were not displaying
    • Punch items not working in Inspection forms

Novade People

  • Fix:
    • When client admins tried to give access to users to a project on the mobile, it would not work

Project Center

  • Additions:
    • Create custom “My Actions” dashboard
    • Set minimum and maximum values for horizontal axis in a timeline chart created via dashboard designer
    • Client Admins to edit custom dashboards created using Dashboard Designer
  • Fixes:
    • When a template with QR code parsers was duplicated, the QR code parsers are not duplicated themselves
    • Dashboard Designer where months were not being displayed chronologically
    • Unit Owners were not able to be removed
    • Projects could not be removed from Unit Statuses
    • Removing specific contractors from the Defect Master List


  • Fix:
    • Novade Admins were able to see the Materials menu in the left pane even though Materials is a deprecated function

Novade Insights

  • Implemented views in MSSQL – For better protection of the data model
  • New query for Safety forms, to improve performance of the data model
  • Added unit tests and cleaned code for Insights Azure functions
  • Changed embedded custom dashboard behavior: their tabs are now before the standard tabs in Insights
  • Fixes:
    • Issue with Adoption count, where Quality forms were incorrectly counted
    • Issue with Adoption count, where a few databases were not linked properly
    • Dashboards and formulas from the previous migration to Power BI

Novade Connect

  • Added the ability to include additional custom fields when creating new activity templates via automation
  • Fixes:
    • Novade 500 internal server error due to high API requests within a short period of time
    • Workato Internal Error for triggers and actions
    • Intercorp unknown site code overloading server unnecessarily
    • Pensees SSL connection outage