Novade Product Update for September 2021


Notifications for overlapping PTWs in the same location

Users of Novade Safety-HSE who approve the Permits to Work (PTWs) function will be notified if multiple PTWs have been applied by others in the same location. This helps PTW approvers be aware of valid PTWs being carried out in that area and make informed decisions.

Additionally, following Novade Safety-HSE, an improved Mismatched Times dashboard has been implemented in Novade Quality. Through this new dashboard, Client Admins will be alerted to any discrepancies in records, which could be due to incorrect device clocks or users attempting to manipulate timestamps on forms.

Novade Quality

  • Improved on the logic of which tab photos and files can be found on when added to a Form. Only image type of files will be found in the Photos tab
  • Improved the UI for creating new objects when only one object type is enabled. For instance, if only Forms is enabled on a Project, the user will not be presented with the choice to create a form since it is the only choice
  • Added the ability to upload files to Unit Types and access these files from all units of those types
  • Improved the logic of counting archived items to prevent inaccuracy in numbers
  • New projects have the server level counter for forms set by default
  • Added the ability to search for files attached to units from the search bar
  • Web – added a Date Created column to the Forms table view
  • Web – added columns for Predicted Completion Date and Predicted Completion Days in the Defects table view
  • Web – implemented a check for mismatched times on forms between device and server to alert to any potential intentional manipulation of timestamps by changing the device’s time
  • RFWI:
    • Added the ability to export the table view of RFWIs to Excel
    • Web – added a tab for RFWI types
    • Added the display of the RFWI number in related Inspections
  • Inspections – added the ability to filter In Progress Inspections by Status
  • Inspections – improved the UI to enable the display of the customised workflow name instead of just Submitted
  • Defects – improved the UI when editing photos by removing the step “Edit Photo” after clicking on the pencil icon to Edit
  • Defects – improved the PDF format, specifically around how photos are displayed in Before and After Rectification sections
  • Defects – added the ability to mass assign defects to individual users
  • Forms – added an API call to be able to update form names and values
  • Fixes:
    • The search bar not working properly
    • Inspections with custom workflows do not appear in the Scheduled tab
    • Workflow states with No Action buttons were causing units to show as In Progress on the By Status dashboard even though there was no further action required
    • Pagination arrows to navigate to the next object not working after clicking on an action button of an RFWI
    • Downloading a custom Excel of a form
    • Some items under Type -> Template were not responding
    • RFWIs were showing different creators for different people
    • Users could not select Common Areas from a dropdown list
    • Error messages when clicking on action buttons in RFWIs
    • Exporting to Excel from a tab with a date range applied resulting in all tabs being exported
    • Deleting RFWIs not working
    • On the web with some RFWIs at a certain status not displaying in the dashboard
    • Being unable to click on an Inspection to view it
    • Standard users were unable to create RFWIs on Web
    • Novade Admin users were unable to edit RFWI names except in Draft state
    • An error appearing when a user clicks on a bar chart in the Overview dashboard
    • Forms crashing due to subforms created from a custom button on the web
    • On mobile when clicking on an action button in an RFWI. The RFWI progressed to the next stage, but the next user did not receive a notification
    • The PDF export of an RFWI did not have the same name as the RFWI itself
    • Standard users were able to edit the name of an RFWI
    • On the web where the tab was not showing the correct number of WIP defects
    • On the table view of forms where the next user column in the workflow for forms at the last stage of the workflow was showing strange characters instead of being empty
    • Navigating to the next page when there are more than 50 photos in a unit was not working
    • Projects with the setting “Mandatory to pin forms on drawings” set to on. Users were being forced to pin drawings even if there was no drawing in the unit
    • Accessing the second page of photos in a case
    • Users not being able to click on a unit in the Unit by Status dashboard
    • Crashing due to a large number of units in the project
    • Performance due to large number of Inspections
    • The API to create units not working
    • Forms dashboard not displaying the correct number of forms due to exclusion of subforms
    • “Mark as Failed” in Inspections not showing to users with the right to do so

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Forms – added a Japanese format date picker for “Submitted Date” fields
  • Safety dashboards have been standardised to conform with other modules
  • Improved and expanded the filters on the Archived tab to provide users with more options to find archived items
  • Fixes:
    • Photo descriptions not displaying below each photo in the PDF export of forms
    • Revoke and Reject buttons showing for subcons on PTWs at the incorrect stage
    • An out of memory issue when viewing My Tasks for some users
    • PTW v1 users not being able to see the Revoke button despite having the right
    • On iOS where a photo marked as a drawing on an Action caused errors with the filter

Novade Reports

  • Additions:
    • The ability to create site diaries on a date range
    • Choose the units and the report templates to get data from when generating a site diary
    • Delete cycles displayed in a team report when deleting the report
    • Display cycle and profile information in site diaries
    • Display a timeline grid with activities in a site diary
    • Display all the cycles of a specific unit in a dashboard
    • Setup some equipment usage standard fields
    • Enable resources breakdown at activity level in addition of reports template level
    • Create an activity template using the Novade API
    • Setup activity planned dates at project level (web table + excel import/export)
    • Admins to share dashboard display configurations with other users
    • An automation to move teams reports and site diaries to the previous step of the workflow when deleting a step in the setup of the workflow
    • Choose the format of the name of pdf export of team reports and site diaries
  • Fixes:
    • Overtime not re-computed when a timecard was duplicated
    • On search bar not working properly in dashboards
    • On activity start & end time that were not were saved correctly because of time change
    • On PDF exports that were not working anymore due to a technical update
    • On some pictures that were not displayed in the pdf export of site diaries

Novade Maintenance

  • Removed the Contracts, Cost Category & Stocks functionality
  • Fixes:
    • A job created from a request remains unassigned even after an assignee is selected and assets cannot be removed from the job
    • The QR codes for Assets were not being recognised
    • Create Request by API not working
    • Exporting PDF of inspections
    • Assignee not being able to see the location and linked request in a repair Job

Novade Activity

  • Fixes:
    • Activities that did not have linked tasks were being excluded from Excel exports

Novade People

  • Mobile – added multiple filters
  • Fixes:
    • The “By Category” tab not being accessible on large databases
    • Names of people displaying incorrectly

Project Center

  • Added the ability for Power Users to be able to manage form templates
  • Added the ability for Power Users to be able to delete a form at any stage of the workflow
  • Fixes:
    • Selecting Defect Master Lists in Setup Wizard
    • Uploading PDFs as Drawings


  • Added the ability to restrict users from entering multiple meter readings for the same asset on the same day
  • Fixes:
    • Updated notification timeframes were not taking effect

Novade Insights

  • Fixes:
    • Correct the defect count calculation in widget Defect Status per Project and Projects Defect Details on dashboard Defect Performance and Project Benchmark
    • The widgets that show insufficient data on dashboard Defect Performance, Project Benchmark, and Unit Analysis

Novade Connect

  • Added the ability to indicate that a file type is a drawing when uploading to Novade using API
  • Fixes:
    • User check-in records from thermal scanner not appearing on Novade Locations and Temperature Dashboards
    • Case ID not found for BIM 360 integration
    • Data not retrieved due to deprecated Upvise API codes