Novade Platform

  • Removed the section header for picture fields and replaced with a label header on web and mobile
  • Fixed issue:
    • All tables displayed were empty after creating a subform

Novade Quality

  • Fixed issues:
    • Drawing pins while exporting a defect PDF
    • Defect photos cannot be viewed if more than 50 photos exist
    • The case failed to export due to the deleted contractor account
    • Subform table data getting populated with wrong values
    • All users can see the draft RFI in ‘My Actions’
    • The action button in a subform does not work for a subcon having no access to the main/parent form
    • Deactivated users are included in the assignee options
    • Creating and editing inspections
    • Some missing data related to inspection

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Renamed the button to access a project from a dashboard “Go to Project”
  • Added the behaviour that overlapping PTW notifications will be sent to every user in the workflow
  • Fixed issues:
    • Alignment issue of tag labels in Actions and Meetings titles
    • The assignee options for actions
    • Form dashboard designer not loading when the form custom value is an integer
    • The usage of toggle/question field punch item to create multiple observation and actions
    • An error is encountered when clicking on the Observations feature in a Safety project
    • Import error in Safety
    • Onchange script of QR code parser form fields

Novade Reports

  • Web – Added the ability to filter activities by their custom field values in activity dashboards & exports
  • Added the ability to define some custom fields for which the value is automatically computed based on other fields values
  • Fixed issues:
  • Display of the unselected options when adding some Activity templates in a Report template setup
  • Scroll position of a table is reset when the user tick/untick a checkbox in the table
  • Reports sent back to a previous step of their workflow even though they were already closed

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixed issues:
    • My Actions interventions are not filtered by project selected
    • Inspections are not moving from `To Do` to `Done` even after submitting the form
    • Duplicate recurring inspections occuring on the same day for daily/weekly event
    • User cannot access the inspection page

Project Center

  • Fixed issues: 
    • Redirect after Autodesk forge login to return correctly to the original login site
    • Next/previous arrows disappearing when changing tabs in template workflow setup
    • Importing unit with an empty “rank” column was displaying an error message about the “final inspection date” and not the “rank” column
    • Photo field not following column settings when exporting a PDF
    • Added validation and an alert for unit names that are empty after replacing special characters
    • Accessing Form Templates as Client admin was not possible
    • Onchange script of QR code parser form fields, that was not using the latest form values