Novade Quality

    • Fixed issues:
      • Defect pin numbering was not correct on web
      • A unit’s files could not be sorted by date
      • The case counter did not reset after the quality project data was deleted
      • An error message displayed below the floor plan of a defect PDF export if the defect was not pinned
      • Users created a punch item in a Quality Inspection or RFI subform
      • A unit cannot be opened when a Novade3D object is inline
      • A homeowner to acknowledge completed cases on mobile
      • Some images not being included in the PDF export
      • Some images were split into two pages on exported PDF
      • The completed case was signed off without acknowledgment from the homeowner
      • Infinity rank is assigned to new fields of a new template

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Web – Added a preview box to display the details of an Action when a user hovers their cursor on an Action pin in the Unit Drawing
  • Web – Added Actions to be displayed on Safety Object Tracker
  • Removed irrelevant Rejected and Revoked statuses shown on mobile and web
  • Fixed issues:
    • The PTW list did not show weekly PTWs
    • The PTW count percentage was not updated on the PTW dashboard by unit page when the active block/level filter was applied
    • A hidden header was displayed in the PDF export
    • Comments could not be saved when added to Observations

Novade Site Diary

  • Web – Added navigation arrows to the Diaries pages accessible from Site Diary dashboards to allow users to easily switch between diaries without having to return to the dashboard
  • Web – Added the ability to access a consolidated view of a person’s timecards of the day from the Workforce and Breakdown dashboards

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixed issues:
    • Windward functionality was not working
    • Subform button was not working for Maintenance inspection forms

Novade People

  • Web – Added the ability for People Power Users and Admins to delete past team transfers of profiles
  • Fixed issue:
    • Project assignation remained unchanged (assigned to all projects) after project transfer
    • Companies custom fields not being correctly updated after Excel import
    • Users with expired passwords were not notified to change their passwords
    • The username was not refreshed in a profile edit page after being modified

Project Center

  • Web:
    • Newly created PTW, Meeting, and Inspection templates will now have State 1 set as mandatory in the workflow by default
    • Added the ability to import workflow states for Inspection, RFI, PTW, and Meeting templates
    • Added the ability to select and delete one or more workflow states for templates without forms created
  • Fixed issues:
    • The “None” option was available in the options of a Safety project Default landing page
    • Duplication of project for owners and custom fields
    • The switch project button not working as expected in the project edit page
    • PTW counts in Safety summary dashboard was inconsistent and redirection not working
    • The Weather section of the setup of a Diary template where the filter feature was not working
    • Invalid risk levels are imported as NaN in Safety issue master list import
    •  The “Unit Status” dashboard was not an option for project default dashboard landing page in the Quality module
    • Checkboxes no longer appear for some tables