Novade Quality

    • Fixed issues:
      • An error message was being displayed after submitting the inspection
      • A closed defect is not editable
      • The company logo not being displayed correctly in an exported PDF
      • Not being able to access the defects linked with an inspection
      • People who are not part of the workflow appearing in the form template states
      • Users not redirected to the first empty mandatory field in the inspection edit page on mobile
      • Admins not able to delete the defect photo

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Fixed issues:
    • The ‘Add Photo’ button disappears after Observation type is changed on a newly created object
    • PDFs attached in a meeting were not being exported
    • Incorrect counts on the status bars for the PTW dashboard
    • Default values of mandatory fields not being considered when submitting a public form
    • Export popup not working on the PTW status page on the web

Novade Reports

  • Fixed issue:
    • Some units that appearing as deleted in the reports list on mobile

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issue:
    • The error occurs when trying to add a new photo

Novade People

  • Fixed issues:
    • People custom fields for which the type options labels were not displayed correctly
    • Updating username via Excel import
    • Custom labels being imported via Excel import

Project Center

  • Fixed issues:
    • Importing Quality User Rights via Excel, a popup was displaying “Update X Rights?” even though no right needed to be updated
    • The subforms of the database were archived without any required action by the customer
    • Editable states of a template field cannot be changed when there are double quotes in state names
    • Accessing templates with the type ‘Novade Unit’