Novade Platform

    • Fixed issue:
      • The options displayed in the popup when changing the status of a unit in the unit status dashboard

Novade Quality

    • Fixed issues:
      • The description list varies between mobile and web when picking defect type and subtype
      • Unit names are seperated by numbers instead of commas in drawings list
      • Uploading via Google Drive that was not available anymore
      • Unit mobile dashboard displayed on the web
      • Load speed of “My actions” on mobile is slow
      • The form value was updated randomly
      • A form was could not be exported
      • The defect rectification date was not displayed in defect dashboard designer
      • The Defect IDs were not added when a user was creating defects
      • Wrong total/average values being displayed in dashboard designer for formula fields involving date and time values
      • The default values were not displayed after the forms were created
      • Unit custom fields not being displayed to homeowners
      • The fields of RFWI on mobile were not shown correctly

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Displayed all pinned (Action Required) PTWs on the Unit Type drawings under the New Dashboard tab – Safety Object Tracker. Users can check potential conflicts of works on site
  • Improved the setting name “Your activities performed in the last 7 days.” and added a tooltip
  • Fixed issues:
    • A meeting without the form was shown in ‘My Task’ page
    • Client admins not being able to add some files in a unit
    • The PDF export for subforms table
    • Permit to work (PTW) filter was not working
    • Permit to work (PTW) filter not working on mobile
    • Valid permits to work (PTWs) section not displaying on mobile
    • Weekly permits to work (PTWs) not displayed on mobile

Novade Site Diary

  • Added shortcuts on the Diary Summary page for users to conveniently create new Activities, Headcount, Timecards, Leaves, Equipment count, Equipment Usage, Supply Reception and Supply Uses

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issues:
    • Tasks could not be displayed if “Display Archived Data” was clicked
    • Out of memory appears in ‘My Actions’ page on mobile
    • PDF export of a form was not working on mobile

Novade People

  • Added asterisks and improved the mandatory fields for User Account Creation Wizard
  • Fixed issue:
    • The person’s information stayed in the workflows when an account was deleted

Project Center

  • Changed Project Centre Template page filters to Projects and Template Type
  • Fixed issues:
    • Template field editable states being messed up when a workflow state was deleted
    • The drawings tab of a unit that could not be opened