Novade Platform

    • Updated the settings whereby users with accounts are required to agree to Novade’s Privacy Policy and Terms on web or mobile if they have not agreed to them before
    • Fixed issue:
      • The value from an uneditable long combo box in the edit page was displayed wrongly

Novade Quality

    • Fixed issues:
      • The history of subforms is still shown in PDF even though the option to hide history is enabled
      • The search bar in the Files page did not work
      • Filter name is appearing incorrectly in Quality Archive Restore page
      • The Drawing tab in Forms is not accessible when the unit has no unit type

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the ability to download custom environmental Excel for HDB projects
  • Fixed issues:
    • Some filters in the Dashboard Designer charts on the web that could not be reset when there was no data in the chart
    • A public form could not be exported as a PDF if it was not linked to any project

Novade Site Diary

  • Added the ability to Archive Site Diary from the Site Diary
  • Added the ability for client admins to restore archived Site Diary
  • Added the ability for Client Admins and Admins to be able to manually archive Site Diaries

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issue:
    • A task is started without completing the previous tasks

Novade People

  • Fixed issue:
    • Filter by person feature not working on Qualification dashboard

Project Center

  • Fixed issue:
    • The users/groups are still shown on workflow tab after removing a template from a project