Novade Quality

  • Mobile – added the ability to view PDF file attachments in a defect
  • Web – changed the exporting format for Inspection to JSON format
  • Web – changed the exporting format for RFWI to JSON format
  • Web – added the ability to display IFC (BIM) 3D models
  • Changed the terminology of ‘Assignee Type’ to ‘Inspector Type’ in Request for Inspections

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Displayed more text information when hovering or clicking on PTW pins on a drawing
  • Improved the PTW conflict notification message

Novade Reports

  • Web – enabled power users to add & edit daily targets in dashboards
  • Added the ability to view the number of actions by user in a dashboard
  • Added the ability to display daily targets inside reports, and to edit them for admin & power users
  • Web – added flexible charts to show reports/diaries adoption
  • Mobile – displayed the whole text when selecting an activity (type, subtype, name) or a unit (block, level, unit) instead of shortening it when it is too long
  • Web – added data in the Cycle Analysis dashboard
  • Added the ability to define bonuses when adding timecards