Novade Quality

  • Opened an API endpoint to allow technology partners to include photos when transferring data from their platforms to Novade
  • Added the filter option of “Creator [user]” or “Created by [company]” in forms

Novade Reports

  • Added the ability to delete timecards that have not been added in any other report
  • Added the ability to define whether a bonus type is summable
  • Added user rights to allow the creation of new supply, equipment count, and headcount types
  • Added the ability to copy and share a Report/Site Diary URL

Novade Maintenance

  • Displayed a warning message when converting an Asset to Quantifiable Items

Novade Activity

  • Added the ability to include a revision number when a form is duplicated

Novade People

  • Revised the format for Builder Occupier Daily Report
  • Added the ability to store and export 31 days of temperature data

Novade Connect

  • Added an API server for EMEA allowing users in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions to seamlessly access Novade Connect and the API listed on